Malifaux: Objectives

Malifaux play is geared around “Schemes” and “Strategies”.  While there are a small number of these that are based on simply battering the opponents forces, most involve holding areas or moving certain items.  These objectives are represented in game by 30mm diameter bases.

The treasure chests above were purchased in Games Workshop, Oxford St, London way back in 1989.  I originally bought the pack of ten (or perhaps two packs of five, I cant remember) for use in Dungeonbowl, a Blood Bowl variant which was… wait for it… played in a dungeon.  The chests languished in the lead pile ever since, only to finally be given some love this year, a terrifyingly distant twenty-three years later.

I added the letters in case I will at some later stage need to randomise the chests for whatever reason.  A brilliant and much more aesthetically pleasing way to achieve this (that I was too lazy to copy) was done on Phreedhs Miniature Stuff a while back.  Unfortunately I cant currently find that particular post on the newly organised blog (Mattias, if you see this then put a link in the comments if you would like to show off your lovely work).  EDIT: that link is HERE.

The next objectives are trapdoors that were supplied with some GW LotR stuff.  PB gave me a lot of the accessories from those sets as he knew that it was unlikely that he would ever get around to painting them and that I likely would.  It looks like he was at least half right.  Ta-da!

The two above are my favourites.  I think that they both suggest a little story and playing miniature games is all about story.

The left hand one is supplied as a tiny two or three piece kit which I then stuck to a base.  It is another LotR bit from PB.  The lantern, scroll and book on the base on the right come from a Mordheim sprue (I think that it was supplied with Empire Militia figures for a while subsequently).

I like making/painting small miniatures to represent these sorts of things.  Fighting over a little model of a forbidden tome or briefcase full of diamonds or other all-important Maguffin adds a lot to the atmosphere in a game and is far nicer than fighting over a scrap of paper or similar.  Little bits of set dressing help with the narrative and to me the game narrative is the whole point of the process.

The fact that modelling and painting these items can be quite fun and a good change of pace from painting yet another guy with a gun means that I tend to finish off a lot of these objective based items.

A quick look through the blog archives brings up the following list of similar items if anyone is interested.  I had actually forgotten that I had modeled and painted some of these: I tend to consistently get motivated to finish these mini diorama type oddments.

Scrap countersvulturesencampmenttentsgas cansoil barrels and butane cylinderszombie spawn pointsmines,bombs and boobytrapsaltars and tombsdistressed damsel, crows


6 Responses

  1. I share your love for painting and creating small “unnecessary” pieces. Don’t know about you, but I can’t get myself around to building actual dioramas, nor do I actually find the idea that appealing. I get my kicks out of building small stuff and telling a story through those. You can imagine I’m enjoying working on the Aliens bits…

    These markers you’ve built look very nice. I’m sure they’ll do their fare share in enhancing any Malifaux (or other) game you’re playing. Good job!


    • While I can appreciate the work that goes into a diorama, I have never felt the inclination to build one. Everything that I do related to the hobby has a game application, even if many projects and miniatures may not realistically ever see an actual game (but thats a separate issue really).

      Dioramas that tell a story are cool, but ideally the games that I am playing are the stories, with the terrain and other bits being the sets and props. Objective markers and other fun bits and pieces increase my enjoyment of games quite a bit.

      The markers shown are a bit more fantasy than I tend to go for. I am unlikely to use them for Judge Dredd games for example but for Malifaux and 40k skirmish games involving Inquisitors and the like, they will be fine.

      Thanks for the feedback.


  2. Thanks for the shout-out Paul. I haven’t been arsed moving all the stuff from my old blog to the new one yet, so I’m still keeping the old one around as an archive. Here’s the link to the post in question:

    I also have a few of these old citadel chests kicking about… Dungeon Bowl you said? Yes, why not. =)


    • Forgot to say, your markers came out very nice. There’s really no need to over produce them like I did, I just wanted to realise that idea I got. =) Especially like your trapdoors. They’re like old portable holes!


      • Thanks Mattias.

        Your treasure markers may be over-produced, but in the realm of cleaning flash, scraping mould lines and spending hour upon hour painting when a similar effect can be got from cheaper store boughtstore bought pre-paints, the term is close to defunct. Its the journey not the destination baby!

        Anyway your treasure markers are objective from a subjective perspective AND magnetic. I will take that sort of overproduction any time thanks 🙂


  3. Ha, that’s true – any chance to involve magnetism in the hobby should be taken.


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