Mega City Justice Department: Street Judges

Street Judge

Another rank and file Street Judge today, this time from Mongoose (complete with irritating piece of sand on he side of his helmet.  It has since been brushed off).

It appears that Mongoose have used a number of sculptors for their Dredd related figures (Shane Hoyle and Bob Naismith at least).  In addition to the design variance that this causes, some of the sculptors seem to have been allowed quite a degree of artistic interpretation when rendering the basic Street Judge.

Mongoose, Mongoose, Foundry.

This fact combined with how I am mixing miniatures from another manufacturer (Foundry) in my Justice Dept force and my uniformly equipped Street Judges end up having quite a lot of minor aesthetic differences.

As I have mentioned before, I actually prefer this. When painted up in a uniform style the differences are minimal. It also helps me with burnout as the different styles of miniature keep the painting process a little fresher.

It reminds me a little of painting up Space Marine and Eldar units in the early nineties, when the styling of various members of the units could vary hugely, which in turn made the figures more interesting to paint.


5 Responses

  1. I agree with you on the diversity. Bulk painting on the same damned miniature is just soooo boring. Much more fun just to do characters. And in a way, each judge is a special character.


  2. Hi Paul!

    It’s good to see you keeping busy with your Mega City project. You’re doing an excellent job. Love the belt buckles on those Judges. I feel I can learn a lot just by looking at your pictures.

    Hopefully I can find the inspiration to do some painting on my own, as I haven’t touched my brushes for the whole summer. Still working on some terrain though, but progress is slow and I haven’t painted any terrain for a while either.



  3. I agree with lord siwoc. I’ve long since stopped worrying about size and style differences, I guess it comes with the variety of zombies, Colonial Marines, Predators and Aliens I’ve collected. To be frank, when you’re looking at stuff on the gaming table, you can’t really tell the difference.

    Great work on those judges!


  4. Diversity would have me on the edge of a cliff with a bunch of lemmings, I can’t do it, I’m just too weak.


  5. Hi guys.

    Its interesting to see the differing opinions on painting figures here, thanks for all the feedback.

    My painting output has been a bit erratic for the summer. It usually works out like that at this time of year. I am hopeful that things will pick up in the autumn. I have a number of projects lined up that I want to make a dent in this winter.

    Oh, and Fran, dont beat yourself up about not wanting to paint a lot of differently posed figures: knuckling down to assembly line paint a load of identical figures is a skill all of its own.


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