Mega City Creeps: Jimp

Bring out the Jimp

Impersonating a Judge in Mega City One is a serious offence. Anyone illegally abusing the powers of a Judge, a “Jimp” (J-udge IMP-ersonator) can be thrown in the cubes for ten to twenty (depending on intent).

In the comics two things tend to show Jimps for what they are:

  1. Jimps lack the distinctive Lawgiver pistol
  2. Jimps are often portrayed wearing obviously substandard knock-offs of Judge uniforms. Usually the styling is different to that particular artists prevalent Judge uniform styling and in some cases more extreme differences such as reversing the position of the eagle pad are shown.

A Daily Star Dredd single page strip, “Jimps”.

As the Judge uniform has been represented in a variety of ways over the years the scheme that I chose for the Jimp is canonically legitimate (not that that matters a shite really), but it is different to the scheme that I use for my “proper” Judges.

As well as varying the where some of the colours are located, I also used different shades and tones of those colours when painting the Jimp in comparison with “the real deal”.

The Jimp in comparison with Judges.

I reckon that I may not have made enough of a distinction between the Jimp and the Street Judges paint schemes to make the Jimp distinct on the tabletop. On the other hand if someone mistakes the Jimp for an actual Judge mid-game, well that will be kinda funny in its own right anyway.


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  1. Well done yet again mate!


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