See you at Halloween-ish.



Im going to take a few weeks off from this blog.  I have a number of other things eating into my time at the moment, so the toy soldier stuff will have to go on the back burner for a little while.

I should be back up to speed by Halloween or so, mid November at the latest.



Regular Posting Resumes. Take THAT 2011!

So far 2011 has been pretty crappy at Sho3box towers.

But that’s all over with now.

Its unseasonably sunny this week, I have mostly caught up with my college stuff for the time being and I have recently got quite a lot of toy soldier related stuff done.  With all of those positive vibes circulating I am going to start posting here regularly again, starting with a proper content post, about one minute after this admin post goes up.

I will also be putting up some extra stuff in addition to the usual two posts a week for the first couple of weeks, just to make up for some lost time and to reassure regular readers that things are back on track.

Short Hiatus

Following on from last weeks hi-jinks I am up to my gills in college and work commitments.  As a result I am going too have to take a week or two off regular posting.

Back when things calm down a bit, in a week or two.  I should be able to get some photos taken of some of the newer stuff that I have painted before then too.

Real Life Consequence

No “proper” post today Im afraid.  I skidded on patch of ice on my way to work this morning (Tuesday), spun 180 degrees and crashed my car into a ditch.  Twice.

No permanent damage to me (the same cannot be said for my Toyota Corolla), but my enthusiasm for writing about toy soldiers is uncharacteristically absent right now.  Thats a rarity for me.

Despite the rude intrusion of real life into the reality-free-zone that is this blog,  I will be heroically back on schedule on Sunday.

Penultimate Vanity Project Starts

I have started another ongoing miniatures project that spans most of my other miniatures projects.

More info here.

Back Next Week

Due to some real life stuff I wont be updating this blog this week.  The next post will be on Sunday October 10th.

Talk to you then.

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