Short Hiatus

Following on from last weeks hi-jinks I am up to my gills in college and work commitments.  As a result I am going too have to take a week or two off regular posting.

Back when things calm down a bit, in a week or two.  I should be able to get some photos taken of some of the newer stuff that I have painted before then too.


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  1. Hi Paul, just wanted you to know your regular updates are sorely missed! =) I’m on a break myself, as we recently had our first son. Good times, but tiring. =D


    • Thanks for the encouragement Mattias. It has been a pretty rough 2011 for me so far with bereavement to add since I wrote the above post.

      But all of that stuff is really, very, very nearly behind me now. I have been painting a bit too and I should have some time to take photos this weekend (weather permitting). I cant promise that I will get back on schedule next week (still behind on college work), but I am hopeful.

      Genuinely, I really do appreciate the comment. Its nice to know that some one notices. Thanks 🙂

      Congratulations on the exhausting introduction of Mattias Jr. I am sure that he will be hunting down vintage Citadel stuff in no time.


      • No promises regarding schedules needed mate, we can wait. Doesn’t mean we don’t miss your updates, but it’s not that important on a grand scale. Glad to hear things are settling down though!

        And by god, let’s hope Jr won’t be hunting MY vintage citadel any time soon! 😉 I’ve got a Hero Quest set in Swedish for him, and I’m sure Siege of the Citadel will go down well in due time too.


  2. We’ve noticed alright 🙂 It’s just that the Swedes are more thoughtful than most of us. Glad to hear things are looking up.

    And congratulations to Mattias, too!


  3. Hi Paul! I love your blog! u made a fabulous job! Please, care your health! I wisht that u show us your work soon! (sorry for my english)


    • Thank you for the kind words llisos, I am glad that you like my stuff.

      Your English is fine, dont worry.

      There will be new posts up any…day…now…


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