Real Life Consequence

No “proper” post today Im afraid.  I skidded on patch of ice on my way to work this morning (Tuesday), spun 180 degrees and crashed my car into a ditch.  Twice.

No permanent damage to me (the same cannot be said for my Toyota Corolla), but my enthusiasm for writing about toy soldiers is uncharacteristically absent right now.  Thats a rarity for me.

Despite the rude intrusion of real life into the reality-free-zone that is this blog,  I will be heroically back on schedule on Sunday.


5 Responses

  1. Really sorry to hear about that, mate, and glad to hear you’re ok (enough to post a blog). Although I have to ask…twice?


  2. Yeah, twice?! Very happy to hear you made it away unscathed. Take care and focus on what’s most important to you! =)


  3. To clarify:

    The car continued to skid after hitting one ditch and proceeded to bounce off in the other direction and then into a second ditch.

    I did not crash into a ditch, dust myself off and then proceed to drive off and repeat the process, although the rather unclear post may have suggested that.

    Thanks for your concern guys. All is well here, no injuries to speak off.

    Back to toy soldier talk next time 🙂


  4. Ouch.
    Next time you want to play bumper cars got to Perks it’s safer


    • Hi Jimmy.

      At least crashing the car only took a couple of seconds: a trip to Youghal would be unpleasant for hours


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