Mega City Justice Department: Med Judge

Med Division Judge Trapper

Another Judge today, this time from Med Division.

Like Tek/Tech Judges, how these guys uniforms are represented in the stories is not really locked down. As it varies from artist to artist to colourist a lot of leeway is available to anyone painting one of these Mongoose figures.

I chose to go with green rather than yellow shoulder pads, inspired by recent Boo Cook artwork (above).  This also helps to distinguish the Med Judge from the Tech on the tabletop.

I decided to paint the big syringe/cattle gun/medical doohickey that the figure wields yellow to tie in with the rest of the Judge palette.   I have included the blue, red, green and yellow colours in some capacity on every Judge that I have painted so far.

Tech, Med and Riot Judges

For comparative purposes, the Med guy is shown in context with some other auxiliaries above.  The first two are Mongoose while the Riot Judge is from Foundry.  Note the slightly chunkier build and integral base which adds some height.


4 Responses

  1. He is pretty good. How many judges do you have ready now?


    • The miniature is only ok really, the detail is a little soft. Adequate.

      I have put photos of fourteen up here so far, with another two or three on the way, plus four nearly finished on my painting table. I have a lot more yet to paint, but I may take a break from them soon and come back to the rest at a later stage.

      Thanks for the feedback.


  2. […] foam drill, Barrabus tops the zombies forces “Most Wanted” list.  Anticipating this, Med Judge Trapper moves close enough to administer stimm packs when Barrabus is dropped by a psychic assault.  Giant […]


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