Mega City Justice Department: Judge Cal

Chief Judge Cal & Deputy Chief Judge Fish

Judge Cal became Chief Judge via questionable means and subsequently reigned over Mega City One for one hundred days in “The Day the Law Died!”.  Unsurprisingly, Dredd led the resistance that eventually toppled Cal.

Loosely based on the Roman Emperor Caligula (and in particular the seventies BBC mini-series starring John Hurt it appears) Judge Cal was insane, to the extent that he appointed a goldfish as his Deputy Chief Judge.  The abode of Judge Fish is also pictured above.

Robes of Office

Cal comes from a early stage of development for both Dredd and and his environment.  The story told in The Day the Law Died is very old school, very seventies boys comics.  As such its pretty goofy and tough to read over thirty years later.

Nonetheless Cal is a classic Dredd villain.  The character also presented an opportunity to paint an entertainingly screwy model.

Cal doing his thing

I painted Cal using the same palette as the rest of my Judges.  I added a beauty spot to Cals face as I thought that it fit the narcissistic character well, but I dont think that he was ever depicted with one in the strip.

Although I was tempted to add the suggestion of Judge Fish swimming around in the fishbowl, I decided not to.  It would have been far too easy to screw it up.


8 Responses

  1. Great character from a great story, need to go find it and have a read down memory lane.


    • I hope that you enjoy it Fran. I have been reading the entirety of Dredds back catalogue for the last few months via the “Case Files” series.

      The stories that I used to love sometimes dont live up to my expectations. Conversely, some stories that I didnt care for as a kid appeal more to me as an adult.

      I hope that The Day the Law Died lives up to your expectations. It is collected in Case FIles #2, which also contains the Cursed Earth saga. I got mine from the Book Depository for ~€10.


  2. I remember that story! I think Judge Fish was a worthy judge, compared to some otherjudges not to be mentioned….


  3. Really great paint job.


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