Gaslands Slay Ride Advent(ure) #3: Gorgon

#3 looked like a Xmas pudding themed car when I got it. From a starting point like that, things could only get better.

Another car would be good, keep interest up for the kids and middle aged men excited to open their daily cardboard door…

Yussss. Although at a guess, this means that the mid-teens of this series will be car light, and weird accessory heavy… whatever, I’m overthinking it. Just don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

The “Monteracer” – groovy looking vehicle design, hideous colour scheme.

Is this redeco supposed to look Xmas pudding themed? I think so. Regardless, it was clear that a quick weathering would not suffice this time. A more involved repaint was required.

Frankenstein’s “Monster”, from “Death Race 2000”

The shape of the Monteracer reminded me a little bit of the “Monster” from Death Race 2000. If I want animalistic vehicles, then there are plenty of easier places to start in the Hot Wheels range, so I wasn’t going to go for quite as daft a look as that.

… or that. But some weapons and a driver were required first.

WIP shot. The drivers shoulder and a few other things were to be fixed before the next steps.

I added a driver (from Northstar), a turret (from Ramshackle), a turret weapon (made from four Citadel lasguns glued together in 1990 to make a sentry gun piece for Space Hulk that never materialised) and two pairs of rockets (Citadel RTB01 missile storage pieces).

The brown bodywork was nasty: that had to go. With the fun, vaguely Speed Racer style of the vehicle design, I decided that I could make the turquoise work, so I kept that (although I definitely didn’t photograph it well. Ho hum).

The look of the car plus weapons is a sort of cheesy, retro high-tech, so I was happy to push the colour scheme in a TRON/Automan direction. I expect that I will go with those sorts of colour schemes with my more high-tech looking, Miyazaki or Mishkin Gaslands cars in future too.

Oh Automan, with your Autocar, how very neato I regarded you when I was a lad. I really must get a toy Lamborghini Countach LP400 ’83 and replicate this.

A quick paint job and some light weathering later and no trace of festive carbohydrate theme remained, and the Gorgon was born in fire. Like a pudding.



9 Responses

  1. Going strong with this. Please oh please make one with that big knife in the front (a plastic 40K one should work) and name it the Finnisher.

    …or maybe not, but there is always hope.

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  2. You are on fire! It helps that some of the weirder HW designs fit in well with a post apocalyptic car wars scenario. I do like this one though.

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    • My policy with the entire Gaslands project to date, has been to pick up appropriate items and make them fit. This is a subtle but important distinction from having an idea/concept and then trying to put together an item that matches that.

      The result is that I have been able to power through a fair number of items in the limited time available over the last while. It’s also why I end up working on cars like this, items which I would likely never have intentionally sought out.

      I’m rambling a bit. TLDR: necessity is the mother of invention.

      I’m glad that you are enjoying the output anyway Al, thanks for the support 😀


  3. This has been great to follow! The turret on this racer is the best weapon so far.

    I’ve tried to comment on every post, but WordPress keeps deleting them.

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    • The turret is quite fun, and obviously it’s amusingly OTT. It is satisfying to finally use some bits that I glued together in 1991 🙂


  4. Superb! Man, I have that tingly excitement about opening the next window on the advent calendar – it’s like being a kid again!


    • The calendar is 1/3 cars and the rest is… Xmas toy car affiliated… so moderate those expectations a bit, just in case Alex 😀

      Painting the Gorgon was fun. Very rapid, pretty rough painting, but it works I think.

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