Gaslands Slay Ride Advent(ure) #16: Evil Twin

A supercharged, twin turbine terror bursts from the calendar…

A nice illustration of #10 there…


The “Ollie Rocket” is a high tech, fantasy vehicle, scaled to match a teeny-weeny driver, more akin to a tiny spatula than a driver.

So very tiny and ill-defined.

Rather than looking like a high tech modern car, like the “Cyclops” for example, the Ollie Rocket layout reminds me more of a Star Wars podracer…

Empire gave that movie 5/5 stars upon release, then revised the score and review online some years later. That’s how much integrity that publication has.

…or something from Wacky Races…

Dick Dastardly’s “Mean Machine”

…or something from Speed Racer…

If you haven’t seen the 2008 movie, then you really should.

…or the “Lone Wolf” that sap Papagallo drove in Mad Max 2.

Papagallo, you are like THE WORST, brah. You make Humungus, a murderous lunatic big into shouting and crucifixions seem like a better person to report to than you, you… ugh.

The driver had to go.

I dismantled the car and tucked a Ramshackle Games driver in place, which scaled the mad looking thing a bit better. I also added a pair of 1980s Citadel Imperial Guard lasguns that I glued together thirty years ago to the hood and left it at that.

I like the “masked maniac driver” look. It reminds me of Deathrace 2000.

Because the car didn’t fit what I want from my current sub-project high-tech Gaslands factions, I made the “Evil Twin” more of a wasteland custom than a Speed Racer type. I weathered it a fair bit, but didn’t go for a patchwork look.



8 Responses

  1. Another solid conversion. The tucked in lasguns fit the general streamlining of the car and keep the rocket-y look.

    Just so you know you inspired me to do a couple of these cars myself… I don’t even play Gaslands but it seems fun! Plus I needed a break from the fussy painting on the last couple of He-Man figures in my set… I’m not quite ready to spend any money on a sprue of conversion weapons and drivers, but my well stocked bitz box served me nicely.

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    • Your MotU paint jobs are absolutely lush Al. Part of the appeal of painting these cars is the rapid return on pretty rough work. I currently find the thought of tackling anything even vaguely as demanding as your MotU work offputting, so the car painting is filling the gap nicely.
      I’ll check out your car conversions immediately.


  2. Very cool mate – I reckon this one might be my favourite so far!! Nice job on swapping out the driver 😉

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    • The variety of designs that the advent calendar is throwing up is forcing me to take different approaches on cars that I may not have chosen myself. That has to be a good thing.

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  3. beauty

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