The next addition to my Wood Elf in spaaaace (and associates) project is these space tree people.

Plant people from Nemesis the Warlock in 2000AD.

Plant people from Nemesis the Warlock in 2000AD, illustrated by the inimitable Kevin O’Neill.

Some basic trooper types were required for the tree people element of this project, so I rustled up these ladies from GW Dryad and Tyranid parts.

Space Dryad Kitbash WiP

Space Dryad Kitbash WiP

I also added a few resin bugs as tech elements on the models, representing bio-manufactured equipment of some sort.

Rear shot, showing more Tryanid elements, notably the beetle/turtleshell like "backpack".

Rear shot, showing more Tryanid elements, notably the beetle/turtleshell like “backpack”.

The bugs-as-tech thing is a theme that I want to bring through the force, to tie it in with the the L’Oreal miniature (“Ieuan” from Hasslefree) that inspired the project.  That the concept ties in with a slightly obscure but ahead of its time range of 80s action figures adds extra appeal for me.


Being of similar proportion, the spindly Tyranid Termagant/Warrior arms fit onto the Dryad bodies rather well.  The fact that tree people tend be be depicted as asymmetrical helps too, making exact matching of limbs less of an issue than it can be when adding arms to more symmetrical humanoid models.

"Control, this is space tree person one, do you copy, over"

“Control, this is space tree person one, do you copy, over”

The bugs and some of the Tyranid Biomorph pieces were added to bring sci-fi elements to the dryad models.  Using bugs as biotech is possibly a little counter-intuitive, so I tried to add the bug parts in places that I think make them suggestive of equipment like grenades, backpacks and headset mics.

The large-maggot-stuck-to-the-face-as-a-mic concept might be a bit hard to swallow for the less imaginative types out there, but in the broad stroke world of 28mm space tree people I think that its more than appropriate.  In addition to being mildly amusing, I also reckon that it makes the models suggestive of Hollywood Spec Ops types or Gears or some other similar sci-fi elites.

This photo would be better if that was a large alien insect attached to her head.

Slimy alien bug not included.

My wife think that the bug-mics (Im thinking that “Babelbug” is a good term) make the models look more like a manufactured pop group than badass space soldiers, but its all a matter of perspective I think

L to R: Reaper "Stumpy", Hasslefree Ieuan, GW Dryand/Tyranid, Reaper Spirit of the Forest

L to R: Reaper “Stumpy”, Hasslefree Ieuan, GW Dryand/Tyranid, Reaper Spirit of the Forest

The half-skeleton in the branches on one of the dryads is a bit grimdark for my tastes but as it was an easy in-game identifier for that model, I decided to use that component anyway.

L to R: Hasslefree Ieuan, GW Dryad/Tyranid, GW Space Marine, GW Dryanid

L to R: Hasslefree Ieuan, GW Dryad/Tyranid, GW Space Marine, GW Dryanid

There are more space tree people (I need to come up with a name for them – Dryanid is a bit specific) in various states of progress on the workbench.  I dont know if I will like any of them more than I like these though.  These is something about the simple design of the models plus the straighforward nature of the kitbash that combines into something that I quite like.




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  1. Wow, these are cool! I had never thought of that combination of pieces, that’s brilliant! And the paintwork is absolutely awesome, I’m deeply impressed!

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    • Thanks Suber.

      The idea for adding Tyranid parts to the dryad models came from a discussion with Mr Saturdays, so while I can take full credit for the execution, I cant do so for that element of the idea. I am rather happy with how it worked out though 🙂


  2. They’ve come up very nicely mate. The combination of organic parts works very effectively.

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    • Its easier to kitbash things like this when symmetry isnt a requirement, but the parts from the two kits go together so nicely that its not much of an issue anyway.

      I took a little more time to paint them than I had expected, but that was largely due to the fiddly, branched and leafed design of the dryad models. I think that they were worth the little bit of extra time spent anyway.

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂


  3. These are absolutely amazing.

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  4. A very good use of parts & you really pull it all together with the painting.

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    • There was a little effort made in painting to pull the parts from the two kits together visually, but the parts do match pretty well enough on their own. The finished pieces are remarkably coherent considering, if I do say so myself.

      Thanks for the feedback Frank 🙂


  5. I think this is one of your best jobs, if not the best. I’d have never thought of combining tyranids and dryads, but they look like they were designed to fit!

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    • Im glad that you think so Wachinayn, thanks 🙂

      The kits blend remarkably well, with not much more than trimming the ball joint on the Tyranid shoulders involved in getting the parts to fit. Obviously the details and styling on the Tyranid pieces are different to the Dryad bits, but tying those elements in with the “tech” aspects of the models worked nicely.

      I am probably more pleased with the combination of colours on the models than with the conversions themselves, even though both aspects worked better than I had hoped. Occasionally all the parts of a project pull together to make something a little bit better than the usual output and I think that happened here, which is pretty cool 🙂


  6. Excellent conversions and beautiful painting. They look simply stunning.

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    • Coming from a connoisseur of the 28mm scale such as yourself, I take that compliment very happily daggerandbrush, thanks 🙂


  7. Excellent work, I’ve been loving them from the concept till now and they definitely look the business.
    This remind sme of the comics “Broz” by oldschool God Adrian Smith and AD2000 superstar Pat Mills. I want more wood woodmen, I want some morphing with actuial trees and some parasiting tech structures with their roots and branches.

    A superb addition to your collection.

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    • I am familiar with Adrian Smith and Pat Mills, but I am not familiar with “Broz”. A quick Google showed some images of a fantasy comic that put me in mind of “Sláine: The Horned God” (appropriately enough). I didnt see any treemen though 🙂 Is there something specific in Broz that reminds you of these JB, or is it just a general vibe?

      I have a number of wood-person models lined up for future inclusion in this project (in addition to the space elven elements), but not all of them will be converted/kitbashed models by any means. At least, thats not the plan currently.

      The thing is that while I do like how these models turned out, the quality/quantity thing is at loggerheads. Converting miniatures can be fun, but it takes far too long for my tastes these days, so I tend to prefer to use miniatures “off the peg”. The results here are pretty good though, so I am conflicted.

      Im unsure as to how I will proceed really. Thanks for the feedback Asslessman 🙂


      • From what I remmeber (there haven’t been new books in a while) but there are different factions like mushroom men, treemen and all and the 70% fantasy + 30% steampunk mix gives some excellent characters which “feel” like your woodmen. the link is slight I reckon.
        Though I agree converting is time consuming I find it refreshing at times and can be good to keep the energy level high.

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        • Steampunk mushroom and treemen sound like they could be a rich source of inspiration. I will have to keep an eye out.

          As my boxes of converted, kitbashed, undercoated and abandoned miniatures from over the years will attest to, its not that I dislike converting, I just find it hard to maintain enthusiasm for the models for long enough to convert them AND paint them. You know how it is I am sure. Like most things in life Its getting the balance between variety and routine right that gives the best overall results I think.


  8. These are just tremendous. The composition of the parts is very nicely balanced, and the paint job is excellent. The guns are picked out nicely without being too much of a draw on the eye, and the other points of interest sit very nicely into the colour scheme. The sharp highlights work to really emphasize the texture, as well as bring out the faces, claws and such. I do love the spotted wings on the little sprite fellow. Nice. You’ve hit upon a rich vein of theme gold here.

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    • Thanks MrS, I appreciate the critical breakdown 🙂

      There are a couple of things that I am slightly unsure about in the painting, the main thing being the lighter wooden colour (rather than the bark, the bone-ish colour of the dangerous end of the largest ranged weapon). I deliberately didnt highlight that element to as extreme extent as I did everything else on the model to avoid things being a too homogeneous, but I feel that it looks a smidge unfinished. It makes me twitch looking at close up shots of it.

      I actually went back and changed a turquoise element on one of the models halfway through the photography process because looking at it was driving me nuts. One of the images shown is “before” and the rest are “after” so its possible to play “Spot the Difference” if one was inclined, which I doubt.

      Getting the balance of green, pink and turquoise right is the trickiest and most satisfying part of painting these models so far. I held back on the green on the Dryanids as I figured that most dryad models feature a lot of green and I wanted these too look a little unfamiliar, to help with the transition from fantasy creature to space alien. I have been attempting to balance the scheme out with the tufts and other basing detail, something that I have not done before, but that seems extremely apt in this context.

      The highlights are more extreme than ever with these guys, although my painting in general has been heading that way for a couple of years now. The slightly inconsistent edging of the bark areas does give a pleasing effect.

      The pink imp/pixie is my favourite part of the group. Painting the little guy pink balanced out the palette across the four I think, while also letting me get my Brian Froud on 🙂 I do love painting familiars and the like. I could paint an entire army of familiars without too much encouragement I expect.


      • I think your twitching is entirely without cause. It’s all hanging together super well. ‘What next?’ we cry.

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        • Im not certain yet. Probably a bigger Treeman.

          The good news is that completing these models gives me enough finished to comfortably build a few varied Pulp Alley leagues, so everything else after that is gravy really. These models will be hitting the table over the next two weekends I expect, which is cool.

          I have to decide whether to next tackle a large element of the force while enthusiasm is high or whether to quickly attempt to get a few more normal sized models done to give me the turnover kick that completing these didnt quite generate. I also have to decide whether to stick with the plant elements or get a few of the elves painted.

          So no shortage of bought and paid for models lined up (including one or two unexpected additions), I just need to decide which to go for.

          Its funny, but this is a big decision (relatively speaking). If I aim low then the chance of failure and associated slump is correspondingly less risky but enthusiasm may ebb before some of the centrepieces get tackled… but… if I aim high then the risk of potential burnout is much greater, but one of the projects more dramatic elements will be finished.


  9. Nicely done sir, nicely done. Aside from the innovative conversions the painting is outstanding. Love that pink fairy thing also.

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    • Thanks Otto. Considering the lurid palette used, they did come out pretty well.

      I have a few more little pixies and the like to include with other additions to the force. They wont all be pink, but I do like the idea of keeping them a single colour (or limited range of a colour), almost like a 80s/90s video game sprite. Like squigs in the ork army and cats in everything else, the little mascot type familiars regularly become my favourite part of a project.


      • Sprites, nice idea. Limiting them to a few spot colours sounds like a winning recipe to me. I am appreciating the kit bash elements of this project greatly, especially given their unicorn like rarity in your projects! More of this stuff please, time ghost permitting…ooooooOOOoooo!!! 😉

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        • Time Ghost strongly disapproves of the development of this project.

          “Time consuming kitbashing! Monte Figuero isnt going to paint itself you know. WoooOOOOoooo!” he moans.

          “More Eldar? But you have loads of those painted to a good standard already! WoooOOOooooo!” he wails.

          And he is right, of course. And I am ignoring him. Of course.


          • But these are totally different Eldar, invested with a different set of emotions!

            WoooooOOOoooo and where is that Time Ghost miniature you promised me Otto, why are you spending time posting on Sho3box instead of sculpting me WoooooooOOOOOOOooooo!

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  10. WOW!! Great job man!
    Colours are great and the concept is just too cool!
    …have to say this…. I’m GROOT !!!

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    • We are all Groot around here Diego, thanks 🙂

      The concept has plenty of room to crash and burn yet (and some of the ideas that I have yet to add are pretty cheesy) but for now its working rather well.

      Thanks for the feedback Diego.


  11. These are stunning. An unexpected sci-fi take on models I had previously only considered ‘fantasy’. Amazing what difference a few biotech additions make. Personally I really like the pale exposed heartwood on the weapons 🙂

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    • Thanks for the feedback axiom. They are very much pulp sci-fi (as in “dont overthink it regarding how the things supposedly work”), but thats not really that different to regular 40k or the like anyway.

      The heartwood elements on the weapons are an important part of breaking up the models lines a bit and for adding visual detail, so it will be present in most of the subsequent additions to the force in some form or other.

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂


  12. really loving how this groups concept is coming together =)
    just about to start following, as all seems cool.

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    • Glad to have you aboard Jessica and thank you for the kind words.

      There are more space treepeople and their eldar allies of various persuasions in the pipeline, a few with a little more Oldhammer flavour.


  13. This is once again one of the most amazing conversions I’ve seen in a long while! You are a master of inspiration and the execution is brilliant as well!

    Please show us more! 🙂


    • Thanks for the kind feedback Darkover.

      I have some more conversions in progress for this project (as well as a number of models that will be used “off the peg”), so stay tuned 🙂


  14. Really do like these, when you do the next batch, could you do a tutorial and also a how you paint guide.


    • Thanks mattadlard.

      As for assembly, it really is a simple as trimming the tyranid parts in order to get them to fit the dryads. There isnt any sculptural green stuff work, its all just kitbashed. Easy peasy, just a bit time consuming.

      As for painting I did this:
      Black undercoat
      Heavy overbrush with dark brown
      Wash with AP Strong Tone or AP Dark Tone
      Drybrush with a mid brown.
      Irregular highlights with an off white/cream colour
      AP Soft tone all over or sometimes on patches depending on my mood
      Final irregular highlights of off white/cream.
      The turquoise areas are based with Sotek green, washed with AP Dark tone, highlighted with Baharroth and then white.
      The pick was based with Mephiston read, washed with AP darktone, layered with Mephiston/Titillating pink mix and edged with white.
      The green was based with orkhide shade, highlighted with Scorpion green, washed with AP dark tone, highlighted with Scorpion green/yellow mix, edged with white.

      Voila. C’est fini.


  15. These came up quite nicely in the end. And even posting those WIPs didn’t hurt either. For figures like this, I often find the WIPs being posted as well as the final product just as inspirational, as you can better see the “Ah, I see what you did there!” of the construction, and then it’s easier to be …inspired to create something similar.

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    • Seeing WiP is an important part of picking up skills and ideas for sure. The thing is that toy soldier blogs tend to be awash with WiP shots and very few finished items in comparison. I find endless WiP posts tedious. WiP only interests me in the context of the finished pieces.

      I try to make sure that I dont post any shots of a project until I have it finished, at which point I can share WiP images if appropriate. That way I don’t clog the blog with abandoned projects or with posts with close to zero content.

      Thanks for the feedback. The Dryanids did work out rather well I think 🙂


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