I painted this beautifully sculpted model so that she could give Inquisitor Verhoeven and my other 40k skirmish types some close range fire support, but the model is suitable for use in a variety of games and settings.  The figure is from the Privateer Press Warmachine range, but as I know very little about that game I cant remember what the model is called or what faction she comes from.  EDIT: its Valeria Alvaro, Ordic Pistoleer.


The looking-backwards-over-shoulder, high noon pose is great, but it means that the figure doesnt have a very obvious front facing, so I have taken more photos than I usually would for a figure like this.  Its such a nice model that it deserves a little extra attention anyway.


The understated pose is a lot better than the slew of figures available standing on one foot while unloading paired pistols, Matrix-style.  There is a place for that style too of course, but this character looks more like a confident pro than she would if she were cartwheeling or something.

Off the top of my head I cant remember the last time that I enjoyed simply looking at a miniature as much as I did when painting this one.  I have a notion that the figure was sculpted by Kev “Hasslefree” White, but that is just a gut feeling that I have from examining the figure up close: it has something of the Hasslefree style to it.  If anybody reading could confirm who sculpted the figure then that would be great.  EDIT: its a Kev White alright.


I went with an obvious Western look, with the goggles and ribbed shoulder pads being the only things that vaguely sci-fi up the figure apart from the pistol visible in the left hand.  The weapon looks like some sort of ray -gun that Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon or a Mars Attacks martian might wield, although I guess its a steampunk sort of thing, as it comes from the Warmachine range.

Futuristic Desperado (Desperada?)

Futuristic Desperado (Desperada?)

I find painting Wild West types tough as it inevitably involves a lot of playing around with different browns.  Other than an occasional miniature hairstyle I tend to avoid painting brown on my more or less exclusively sci-fi miniatures collection.  I like to paint most of my sci-fi figures in vibrant, Mega City 1, Speed Racer sorts of palettes.

Rootin - tootin.

Rootin – tootin.

The practice that I had with some of the Guild miniatures that I painted for Malifaux last year paid off a bit here I think.  I have post-apocalyptic, sci-fi Western game plans that will involve this figure and the Guild amongst others, so I might become more confident with earthy palettes as that progresses.

“Lady” from The Quick and the Dead

...and again.

…and again.

I loosely based the colour scheme on Sharon Stones wardrobe in The Quick and the Dead (a very underrated movie.  I love it), but a red scarf, white top and various browns isnt exactly an original cowboy/girl look.  It no harm basing a scheme on something though, just to give some sort of authenticity to it.

Unfortunately when I found a picture of the “official” colour scheme for the model afterwards, it turned out that it was very similar to what I had gone for.  That was a bit disappointing as I would always rather make a decent effort at an original scheme than a decent effort at a stock, “official” scheme.  Copying the colour scheme from the box is always a bad idea, as it will inevitably come off worse in comparison with the pro-painters output plastered all over the box.



I am pleased with how this model (since christened Rosa “Digger” Stone)turned out though.  Its an exceptional sculpt and the colour scheme is bright and vaguely futuristic/not-Victorian, while still retaining that WIld West attitude.


+++ BEEP+++


6 Responses

  1. Gorgeous paint job on her!!
    I know that mini is Valeria Alvaro from Iron Kingdoms…but I cannot seem to find the sculptor’s name listed anywhere – which is kind of a pity 😦


    • Thanks for the compliments cappuccinogaming, and for the figure ID too.

      I couldnt find a definitive statement regarding the sculptor, even now that I have the characters name. A few people reckon that the model was sculpted by Kev White. The model certainly has that Hasslefree feel to it.

      Thanks for your help 🙂


  2. Aye she turned out pretty nice. Love that model. Looks like you painted her towards your higher standards. Your goggles (and gems etc.) always come out cool looking, which I am obviously jealous of 😉


    • Thanks theottovonbismark.

      I did add an extra layer to a few of the highlighting stages here and there on the model, just because its such a nice figure. Also, I tend to use a broader palette and differentiate more areas on one-off models like this that I do on standard troopers. My recent Tau test piece is a good model for contrast here as that figure was painted with a plan of painting many similar models in the same colours in mind. Its a work smarter, not harder thing.

      I regularly find cowboys types time consuming to paint. They require multiple shades of brown to look authentic and rootin-tootin enough, for my liking.. I dont generally paint a lot of earth tones, so I am less confident painting with them which in turn takes longer.

      I have painted a number of goggles/gems/visors/LEDs over the years and the methods that I use now have been pared right back to the minimum. I use far fewer stages on those things than I did a decade ago, yet with arguably better results now. I dont really do anything arcane or complicated. Remind me about it the next time we meet up and I will go through it with you if you like. Its really fast and simple.


      • Great, I would appreciate a couple of pointers with regard to gems, I never feel like I have a good handle on it and it is not something I have really managed to develop a good technique with. I end up effectively repainting the lighter or darker shades trying to find the correct balance which just leads to a mess of paint when I get it wrong. I also end up with inconsistent looking gems across a unit of say 5 figures.


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