Loor Scout


This cool looking alien tracker is the newest addition to my fledgling Tau Auxiliary force.  Its an as yet unreleased model from CP Models sculpted by PF.

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Avian Aliens

Avian Squad

Avian Squad

Every so often I see some miniatures and I decide that I have to have them.  That happened when I saw these goofy guys a month or so ago. Continue reading

Tau Test Piece

Tau Fire Warrior test Piece

Tau Fire Warrior Test Piece

I have been promising myself some brightly coloured, vaguely anime inspired tau models since 2001 when the range first came out.  I have been picking up a few models here and there ever since (not forgetting a large donation from theottovonbismark last year) but this is the first tau that I have actually got around to painting. Continue reading

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