Heinlein – Navigator

Heinlein – Navigator of the Navis Nobilite

Further distraction from my DreadBall stuff, this peculiar looking goofball is a companion piece to the blue gyrinx from last week.

Not to be confused with astropaths – the blind, psychic communications nodes that keep information travelling around the Imperium – navigators in the 40k universe are members of a genetically engineered mutant sub-species of humanity.  Navigators can “see” the warp and in particular the Astronomican via their mutations.  This unique ability allows Imperial human vessels to travel through the galaxy more rapidly than those of other space faring factions.  Navigators are crucial to the maintenance of the Imperium as any sort of whole entity.

Lustram Locarno, the example navigator from Rogue Trader

Lustram Locarno, the example navigator from Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader

Navigators often have mutations, usually from the following list in various combinations: lack of hair, elongated limbs, enlarged hands, feet, head or eyes, webbed fingers, translucent skin and gills.  In pretty much all literature about the navigators other than the very early stuff (the entry in the original Rogue Trader rulebook above and the sample navigators in the Book of the Astronomican below), mention is made of navigators third “warp” eye, located in their forehead.

As Heinlein here is quite an old figure (1980’s) and was sculpted presumably around the time that the original rulebook was written, it doesnt have a third eye.  Although adding an eye to the model would have been within my meagre sculpting abilities, I decided that I would rather not tamper with the original sculpt.  I can happily imagine that this particular navigator currently has his third eye closed.

The page of sample Imperial Navigators from the Book of the Astronomican

The page of sample Imperial Navigators from the Book of the Astronomican

I painted Heinleins rather flashy jerkin blue in the hope that it would visually tie the navigator to the gyrinx.  I painted most the rest of his outfit black to represent some sort of formal dress version of a form-fitting flight suit, as per the rough description in Rogue Trader.  I doubt that on duty navigators wear outfits like this: the different forms of lacing, clasps, buttons and buckles holding Heinleins outfit on look a bit impractical (although in the Imperium, practicality of wardrobe doesnt tend to be a priority, so who knows?).

There is a bit of a shine on the navigators head in the photos, but thats because I photographed it before I varnished it.


Navigator and pals, 40k-ing-it-up, eighties style.


6 Responses

  1. loving it loving it loving it!, you beat me as mine is half finished on the workbench, I love the colour palette you used, very atmospheric, it goes nicely with the black and white illustration.
    keep it up dude, the blogoshpere has gone quiet of the bank hols, you are a lifeline.


    • Im glad that you like it Jason. Heinleins palette is quite dark and moody – the finished figure keeps reminding me of Nosferatu 😀

      As for a quiet blogosphere, I try to get a post up every Wednesday at the least, with occasional additional posts if I am being extra productive. If nothing else it keeps me motivated and it keeps one or two of my various toy soldier projects moving along most of the time.

      Im working on another non-GW figure to serve as a second Navigator at the moment, although its quite a different take on the subject. I should have it ready to post up by next week. I have various other Rogue Trader-y figures – in general vibe if not all actual 80s GW models – lined up, all distracting me from my DreadBall stuff. Its likely that a few of those will be completed over the next week or two.

      Thanks for the feedback.


  2. Ha, there is some similarity with his name sake. Even if it’s just a chrome dome! =)

    Great work, Heinlein looks very good! Really enjoyed your previous gyrinx post too!

    All round splendid stuff as always, keep on truckin’ mate! I’m almost done with the third quarter of my chaos team (yeah, I know – you wanted the Chaos All-Stars models… sorry) so I might even get a pic or two up this month. May was the first month since I started my blog without a single update. Sad state of affairs!

    No news from Reaper yet btw, hoping to get a notification of shipment soon. I did have a fairly complex order, but before summer is over you should have a faux death ferret to paint. =)


    • Thanks Mattias. Progress here has been pretty good here for a while now, although I needed a break from DreadBall for a wehile after painting ~50 of those figures. Hence the cats and guys with big heads.

      I had forgotten that the Reaper Bones stuff included a ferret and indeed that I have a ferret and some of his chums due to make their way to me once you get your stuff. Now I just have to have a think about what colour astro-ferrets should be…


  3. […] replications of paint jobs that I have done before (more info on the the Assassin here and the Navigator here) but the space dwarf is an original scheme.   The brief for the squat was “Orange plus black […]


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