Slippery Joe – Dreadball MVP


Joe here is a named character available to marauder teams in Dreadball.  As goblins dont normally play in the position of Striker, Joe is unique.  He also has a huge moustache.

Joe doesnt wear a number.

Joe doesnt wear a number.

As Joe is only allowed to play for marauder teams, I painted his slightly lighter striker armour to match my BP Oilers.  Although it was tempting to paint his ‘tache an oily tying-victims-to-train-tracks black, I figured that it wouldnt stand out very much.  I went for a gingery, orange colour instead.  Of minor note is that Joes facial hair is prosthetic: the elastic holding it in place is visible on his head.



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  1. I like that paint job, and the miniature has a lot of character (especially with the elastic band). But I can’t help but think that your choice of colour for the moustache makes it blend into the armour a little too much. I think I would have preferred the oily black style. Still, it is an excellent job.


    • Hi argentbadger.

      You definitely have a point about the colour of the ‘tache. It ended up with more blonde in it than I had originally intended and the gold armour ended up with more of an orange tint than I had planned at first. So the hair and the armour are closer in colour than I wanted them to be.

      The thing is that the figure will actually almost never be seen from the angle shown in the photo. When viewed on a black Dreadball board from above, the advancing pose of the model actually shows the ‘tache against a black background, so its more visible than might be apparent here.

      That sounds a bit like a bullshit “screw your opinion: its my ball and Im going home” response doesnt it? It isnt meant to be though 🙂 I hope that you take it in the tone that it is intended and genuinely, thanks for your honest feedback 🙂


      • Comment taken in the spirit it was intended, don’t worry. In any event, the preference of a random stranger on the internet is no reason to change your painting choices. It’s really nice to get such a detailed breakdown on why you decided to work a particular way.


        • Random strangers preferences are taken with a pinch of salt of course, but if I didnt want to talk about painting the little fellas, then I wouldnt put up photos, so feedback is always welcome 🙂

          Anyway, you paint and blog about painting with regularity, so at least you put your money where your mouth is, which adds value to your random stranger preference quotient 😉


  2. Very wonderful!


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