Dreadball Referee



This fem-bot (?) is the referee from the Dreadball sci-fi sports game, displayed alongside a pair of balls.  As every single game of Dreadball played uses the Ref and a ball I figured that they should be the first things painted for the game, with my first team to follow.

Eyes on the back of her head.

Eyes on the back of her head.

I went with a simple black and white scheme over metallic “flesh” areas.  I considered incorporating stripes, but as time is of the essence for this project (I have an intensive weekend session of DB coming up and I need to have my team finished for that) I decided not to take that route.

The Dreadball miniatures are more true 28mm scale than the heroic 28mm/30mm/even bigger scales that dominate these days.  Initially I thought that they might be quicker and easier to paint as a result, but have not found that to be the case on the Dreadball figures that I have painted up to now.  This model came out alright, although I will have to include a comparison shot in a later post to illustrate the smaller size.

I am currently working on a human team.  I hope to be able to put some photos of those up soon.


6 Responses

  1. You know with the addition of some hair curlers and a floral frock she would make a most wonderful nora batty character to make Hector Decimals life an unliving hell. 😉


    • I can see it now. The only time that Hector “Compo” Decimal gets any peace is when he goes astro-badger hunting with his turbo-weasels 😉

      The sass-o-meter goes up to eleven on that figure. I quite like it, its a nicely executed sculpt.


  2. Very nice, I like the ‘eyes in the back of the head’. Will she do double-duty as a heroine in your skeletons…in spaaace project?


    • Thanks Argentbadger. The game other than Dreadball that I see as most likely for Sass-bot to show up in is a Dredd-verse scenario of some sort. The figure has the right look.

      Still, I can imagine Hector and his skelbot horde pulling out all of the stops the rescue a bot with a chassis like that, so she may well end up as a damseltron in distress objective some time too 🙂

      The eyes in the back of her head are a nice idea for the figure. Its a nice design. Thanks for the feedback.


  3. […] up with all of my Dreadball bases uniform, I went back to the Patriots, the other MVPs and to the ref-bot afterwards and did the same thing to their […]


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