Running out of Patients Pt 4

The final batch of patient zeds, this time painted in that familiar greenish scrubs colour.

There were quite a few of these guys in this batch and I was getting sick of painting zombies (it does happen to me from time to time).  But I persevered.  I also left this gown colour to last as I thought that it would be the most evocative and therefore satisfying to finish.  That in turn would help to spur me on through the last few figures.

It has been a while since I painted a batch of figures as large as the patient zeds.  I am not in a hurry to do it again.  While the end product is very pleasing to me as I like how they came out quite a bit, some of it was a slog.  So much so in places that it almost burned me out a bit.  So its smaller batches from here on.

The green came out quite well in my opinion: it looks pretty much exactly as I think it should.  The green guys and the blue guys worked the best I think, but the others look fine too.

Here is a shot of the whole lot of them, with Patient Zero from early 2010 plonked in too.  His gown doesnt look as nice as the gowns on these guys (in some ways his colours were a test run for these figures).  They look good as a group I think.

The end of a trying but ultimately satisfying sub project.  Comments and criticisms all invited 🙂

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