Night Horrors Werewolf

Its Halloween!

I started painting this werewolf from the Citadel Night Horrors range last week, as part of an upcoming project.  When Curis saw a WIP, he pointed out that there was a Halloween Night Horrors painting event taking place on a Facebook group, so I quickly finished the hairy guy (it’s definitely a “he”) to take part in that.

It’s a particularly straightforward paint job, scruffy basecoating, drybrushing and washing primarily.  It turned out alright I think.  I could rattle out a load of bipedal bum-sniffers rapidly if I needed them for something I reckon.

Hmmm… that might be fun…

Werewolves are pretty setting agnostic, a bit like zombies.

Miniature photographers sometimes talk about “golden angles”, the best place to photograph a toy soldier to show it at its best.  I’m not sure if this flip top headed pooch-person actually has a golden angle, so apologies if you can’t make out what’s going on (he is howling directly upwards, possibly due to reasons related to his junk.  Sculptural evidence is inconclusive).

Miniature photography is still something that I struggle with, but I do enjoy it a bit too.  I am aware that the images above look a little bright to be set at night, but y’know, so what?

I did flute around with filters after the photos were taken though, hoping to give a comic book or 1970-80s cheap television night time effect (if you ever watched The Famous Five you know what I mean).

I have included the altered shots for fun.


A few people asked me if the background in this shot was put in digitally, so I took a snap of what I did to make it all “in camera”.

The final snap is of very far from perfect of course, but it’s fun 🙂


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  1. I love this canine flasher. He is genuinely loup-gar-rude. He’s not a werewolf, he’s an “‘over-there-wolf’, officer!”

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    • You Captain, are wasted in your current employ.

      Report to your nearest tabloid headline writing establishment stat!
      Do not pass go!
      Do not collect €£$200!


  2. He’s a good boy. Scratch his head, he likes that.


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  3. Little of the old red rocket eh luv? Nicely done M8

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    • His pecker was a little redder earlier on in the process, but I deadened the effect a bit (I hit it with a spoon).

      His junk was drawing the eye a bit too much maybe. Or maybe not enough.

      I’ll leave it as is for now anyway. Thanks for the feedback ABG!


  4. Great work, I love that mini. Painted one several years ago 🙂

    What is the group that had the Night Horrors competition? There’s so many FB groups I can’t keep track of them all!!!

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  5. Bonkers mini & nicely done mate – I’m so impressed that you resisted the temptation to paint his trouser-lipstick bright red 😀

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    • There was considerable pressure to go full Comic Relief with it, but I decided not to confuse the already confusing figure further.
      I’m still not sure if I made the right decision.

      Thanks Alex!

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  6. Cool looking lycanthrope. He’s big fun to paint. I did mine as an undercity werewolf, but looking back I should have kept his basing more neutral. As you say, werewolves can be shoehorned into pretty much and setting/time period, but not so much when there’s a judge’s helmet on the base. I look forward to seeing this lad mooching around the bins at our next encounter looking for some discarded viagra.

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    • It’s always tempting to add specifically themed terrain elements to bases. My version of this figure is a bit too neutral and monochrome (your version is much nicer) which meant it could really have benefited from some base interest, but I resisted in this case due to the figs cross genre utility.

      I have another werewolf coming up that will be far less generic. That will make up for it.

      Thanks for the feedback Mr S!


  7. He’s ace Paul!

    Could I ask, did he have a a lot of casting flash on him? I’m just curious because the hair/fur on minis usually has the mold join right down the middle of it on standard human minis. So I was wondering if this guy was a pain to clean up?

    Also, who’s the female mini photographed with him? She looks lovely 🙂

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  8. Love this! AJ and I read it together while carving Halloween vegetables. She kept giggling at your penis references.

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  9. Great work again! That’s definitely a dog with his junk out in the yard. Sadly, I’ll be here all week.

    Those old sculpts have a weird appeal to them. On the surface you sort of recognize the flaws, but they’re just often really endearing, maybe precisely for that reason. It could be just “minis from an age of innocence and werewolf genitals” thing, but there’s something there.

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    • It’s a difficult call to make Mikko.

      Is it direct nostalgia for a single figure? For a range? For an era?

      Modern miniatures are technically superior in every way. Are those old miniatures somehow endearing because they are flawed? Do the flawed elements invite a certain approach to painting them, are they in fact more inviting to paint?

      I don’t think that older figures are “better”, but I do like many of them disproportionately.
      I can’t make an objective call on the matter really. It’s a case by case basis thing for me.

      And he has his tackle out, which generates the lolz.


  10. Nice work here mate! I’ve not seen that particular model before. Is his head a separate piece like those old Minotaurs? It certainly looks the part!

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    • Thanks Azazel! It’s one of the best Night Horrors sculpts from a technical POV I think, probably my favourite from the entire range.

      This particular model is single piece, but it was manufactured with a separate head at some point too.

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  11. Very nicely done. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that figure before. That howling at the moon pose is very striking.

    I’ve been experimenting with new photo techniques as well. I think your approach was very effective.

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    • Thanks Will. A couple of people mentioned the backdrop – a printout – so I put up a photo of it above. Toy soldier photos benefit from in-camera effects rather than post production I reckon.

      The werewolf is one of the nicest of the Night Horror sculpts I think. It was a treat to quickly paint.

      Thanks for the feedback Will!


  12. […] Regular readers may recognise the werewolf that I bumped up the project queue for last Halloween. […]


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