Gaslands Pedestrian Comparisons

At the time of writing, “Gaslands” does not feature official rules for infantry/pedestrians.  There are some homebrew infantry rules doing the rounds, with the unofficial rules in Wargames Illustrated (#386, December 2019) probably being the most well known.
For hobby enthusiasts of a certain age, it is pretty much impossible to ignore the draw of this image:

Image and models property of Wargames Illustrated and North Star Military Figures.

“Dark Future” by Les Edwards, better known as the cover to White Dwarf #124.  Heavy pedestrian activity.

The possibility of prepping and painting a few characters to hang out with my Gaslands vehicles and terrain sounded like fun, so I decided to do some research.  The best scale for figures that hang out with Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars is 20mm, so I did a bit of digging to see what suppliers had the sorts of models that I wanted.

I also, unexpectedly and very pleasantly managed to get my hands on a pretty comprehensive set of the old Dark Future range of pedestrians (thanks again to Captain Crooks for that), the first of which finished is here.  I also had some definite ideas about how I planned to cover the zombie requirements for the Gaslands scenario(s) that require them.

Dark Future pedestrians along with Dark Future vehicles and converted die-casts.

With all of those items in hand, I decided that lining up a few of the models that I bought, identity parade style might help some people to get an idea of how the figures look alongside each other, so that is what this post is about.

The figures are shown in front of a 10mm grid, with the allowance made for the bases so that the measurements are pretty much exclusively the sculpt of the figure.

As time goes on, it is possible that I will add more miniatures from other ranges and manufacturers to these comparisons photos.  If I do then I will link them here in future.

The suppliers shown are as follows:
CP Models 20mm Ranges
Games Workshop/Citadel “Dark Future” (OOP)
MJ Figures 20mm Range
North Star Military Figures “Gaslands Refuelled: Implements of Carnage”
Ramshackle Games Toy Car Scale Range
Twilight Creations “Zombies!!!” Range

L to R: CP Models, CP Models, Citadel Dark Future, Citadel Dark Future, Toy Car of unknown manufacture.

L to R: Citadel Dark Future, Citadel Dark Future, Citadel Dark Future, Citadel Dark Future, CP Models, CP Models, Citadel Dark Future, Citadel Dark Future, Toy Car of unknown manufacture.

L to R: MJ Figures, MJ Figures, CP Models, North Star Military Figures, Citadel Dark Future.

L to R: Ramshackle Games, MJ Figures, CP Models, Ramshackle Games, North Start Military Figures, CP Models.

L to R: Citadel Dark Future, Citadel Dark Future, Twilight Creations Zombies, Twilight Creations Zombies, CP Models, North Star Military Figures, Citadel Dark Future.

L to R: Twilight Creations Zombies, Twilight Creations Zombies, MJ Figures, MJ Figures, CP Models, North Star Military Figures, Citadel Dark Future, CP Models, CP Models

I also decided to compare a couple of motorcycles that I had, as they tend to be asked about too.

L to R: Citadel Dark Future, North Star Military Figures, Toy Car of unknown manufacture.

With one exception, I’m not going to get into a discussion about which of those miniatures are most well suited for hanging around with the variable scales of manufactured toy cars: all of them look perfectly appropriate for use alongside each other to me, with any of the very minor, relative scale/proportion issues disappearing once the models are on the table.

The exception is, fairly obviously the Twilight Creations “Zombies!!!” boardgame miniatures.  But to be honest, while the zombies are pretty large, on the table the size discrepancy doesn’t bother me.  And you know, radioactive zombies occasionally grow.  That’s science.

Hopefully that is of some use to someone.  I found it an interesting exercise in itself, plus my memory for where I get some of these models from is patchy these days, so it’s no harm to note them down here.


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  1. This shall be interesting ๐Ÿ˜€

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  2. Good stuff – I would have guessed 20mm would be too big so good to know otherwise. Looking forward to seeing what you do with this project. I love that Les Edwards illustration too, and all the Dark Future stuff.

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    • Yeah, I was surprised that the answer was as simple as “20mm” too ๐Ÿ™‚
      Like every other miniature scale that I have come across, not all 20mm figures align I suppose. Hot Wheels and Matchbox etc are not consistently scaled anyway – it’s all about what fits in the packaging – so a bit of “eyeballing” is required.

      After painting Santa, I’m looking forward to painting the figures shown above. They should hopefully be rapid and fun to get table ready.

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  3. I really like these Dark Future models, they look great.
    They’re a bit tall for my needs though, most of my Khurasan models are closer to 15mm so they probably would tower over them.
    Looking forward to see them all painted up.

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    • The DF sculpts hold up very well, particularly considering their age.

      I think that they will be fun to paint, I’m hoping to make a start on them soon, over the next few weeks.

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  4. Great to see these all compared and contrasted mate – thanks for doing it! And yes, Rad-Bloat is definitely a thing… Just stay up-wind ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  5. Great post, I shared with some of the GASLANDS in my club.

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    • I hope that they find it useful Mark ๐Ÿ™‚

      I have a couple of other images to add over the next week or so, if I get a moment. The plan is to make it an organic post, for a while at least.

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