Citadel LE4 Space Santa


I know that November 11th is a bit on the early side for this, but regardless, its more or less time for a peculiar piece of Citadel history, a Space Santa from 1985.

He knows when you've been sleeping...

He knows when you are sleeping…

Just John generously traded me a spare of this limited edition Citadel miniature a couple of weeks ago.  As a weird little piece of science fiction miniature history that is topical at this time of year, I figured that I would bump it up the painting queue so that it would be ready for some games planned for next weekend.

He knows when you're awake...

He knows when you’re awake…

Painting the model was a pleasant experience.  Despite its age the casting was crisp and the sculpting was mostly well defined, so it was straightforward to paint pretty quickly.  The painting is a bit of a rush job, with some bits that could be improved upon here and there, but its finished and easily good enough to game with, so thats something.

He knows when you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake

He knows when you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake…

I stuck to the traditional palette fairly consistently.  I painted the various wires on the model in a greenish colour to match the seasonal trip hazards strewn about many homes in December.

Note vaguely fairly light elements on the weapon.

Note vaguely fairly light elements on the weapon.

I painted a couple of the oddly shaped doodahs on the gun to look like fairy lights to fit in with the wires.  As for the gun itself, well…


Space Santa should get some table time this weekend.  Hopefully I will manage to get some photos of the little guy travelling from house to house via supernatural means then.


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  1. I do miss some of the wacky that GW used to create; it’s nice to see it still gets on the table occassionally.


    • Space robot undead egyptians fighting against guys waving swords out the top hatch of battle tanks is just as wacky as far as I am concerned dave2718, GW just present it slightly differently these days 😉

      Santa will be behaving like some sort of short range teleporting cat burglar in the scenario I suspect, something like that. Not really much wackier than most of the recent Space Wolf designs in other words 😀

      Thanks for the feedback.

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  2. Wow, that IS vintage; a really sweet trade. And well painted too, especially the face.

    Please tell me you also have a Chaos Lavatory lurking in your collection somewhere.

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    • No Chaos Toilet I’m afraid. It’s not high on my “wants” list, although if I did get my hands on a chaos bog I would feel inclined to work some sort of absurd scenario around it.

      The face was a straightforward basecoat, wash, layer, highlight process. You are the second person to mention it though so I must have done something right 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂


  3. awesome space santa you gonna attach some string to it and use it as a bauble on your tree?


    • Thanks Malen.

      I dont think that the little guy will make it to the tree. He might make it close to a 28mm conifer at some point, thats likely as close as he will get 😉


  4. Ho ho ho! That’s the earliest Christmas mini I’ve seen this season! Really great, you master the colours and how to combine them. Bravo!


  5. I love him a lot, he’s really nice and the un is indeed excellent. What I’d need for him to be perfect would be a flying rhino APC (with mandatory squat crew) from which he’d toss presents, squigs and bombs.
    Don’t feel compelled to consider this idea though, it’s only something to make it move from the A++ slot to the A+++ one really.

    Just for the love of making silly voices (again) and “ohohohs”, he’s worth painting !

    Excellent job once again.

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    • Its a deodorant grav-sleigh with jetpack beastmen harnessed to the front that I imagine this guy cruising around in, probably because of the grav tanks clean lines fit with Santas pre-gothic tech designs. A Rhino would do the trick too of course. Surely someone has already done it somewhere/

      If you are not at the very least tempted to make silly voices while playing toy soldiers with your mates, then you are doing it wrong in my opinion. I think that you and I agree on that Asslessman.

      Thanks for the feedback!


  6. Got to admit, Space Santa`s a new one on me but knowing you he will become a leading character in your ongoing gaming saga. Has Santa got any special abilities ?


    • Santa definitely has a few unusual powers. Short range teleporter, integrated moral compass detector, audio/visual stealth dampers, temporal distorter, Crackercannon, S.L.A.Y. personal transport vehicle, you know the drill.

      As for how regularly he features in my ongoing pulp episodes, I intend to limit his visits to one per solar revolution.


  7. Love the space Santa, but tell me this will Hitler be part of the league ?

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    • Hitler slightly annexed that photo, but I don’t currently plan to include him in a league with Space Santa. Never say never though 🙂


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  9. […] figures made available some Xmases in the Before Times, Before the Boom-Boom (I painted one of the 28mm Space Santas five years ago and Curis at Ninjabread painted the same sculpt […]


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