Gaslands Slay Ride Advent(ure) #18: Elf

Odd as it sounds, this may be my favourite part of this project to date.

Kinda large, but the “portrait” orientation suggests that it isn’t a vehicle…


This obviously Xmas related, but not so obviously Hot Wheels or post-apocalypse related piece sets the tone for this project really rather perfectly.  As explained in a little in the #2 post in this series, I reckoned that the best (only?) way to get all of the contents of the Hot Wheels calendar to fit in with my Gaslands games, was to treat it as the remnants of an abandoned Xmas village, scattered around by climate change related flooding/nukes/zombies [delete as applicable].

The unsettling nature of symbols of happiness fallen into disrepair pleases my limited remaining teenage angst (largely replaced by mid-life crisis and existential angst, which is still better than letting it become, say racism or a obsession with mowing the lawn or something), and really, when you see images of places like Park Albanoel, how can you not be fascinated?

I could have added more detail to the huge elf, but I felt that as well as being a much faster way to get the oddball thing painted and ready to game with, leaving it look like certain areas have already had the paint worn off probably added to the effect.

Batman and Scooby Doo writers have been mining this rich vein for a many years.



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  1. Eek, this one is scary! :O

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    • Drawing the line between “depressing” and “evocative” is sometimes tricky when working on items for an end of the world setting 🙂


  2. Brilliant, love the abandoned theme park vibe!

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    • In most media I find “abandoned theme park” a fairly exhausted trope, but as I think you and I may have discussed before Mikko, what feels cliché in fixed storyline media is often exactly what I want in my toy soldier, dice and player decision driven settings. A stereotype that can be eye-rolling in a mediocre movie is something that I can get on board with in an engaging game.
      I suppose that the games that I am involved in are by definition all about the attempt to engage via world building.
      Now I know I saw a 15 or 20mm, MDF big wheel for sale somewhere…

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  3. Yeah this is going to be a cool but disturbing terrain set once you’re done. Awesome.

    IMO this guy needs some rust streaks but I know that’s more work and these are supposed to be quick. Plus, maybe he’s made of aluminum or something.

    Happy not having Norovirus, by the way! Thay must have been awful 😬

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    • You definitely have a point re streaks and further weathering Allison.

      I’m going for a desert/dust bowl sort of look, so muted down with a brown over everything is the main theme. I should probably have added a few streaks, but I’m wary that the streaks might spoil that vibe. Maybe not, maybe I’m overthinking it.
      I was tempted to work the face on the elf, to make it look like a creepy, smiling, battered chipped rosy-cheeked affair. I didn’t for two reasons: 1) it would have doubled the time spent on a project part intended to be rapid return and 2) aspects of the way the piece is manufactured suggests large, plastic (or maybe fibre glass) construction, and rather than fight that and attempt to make it look like metal, I tried to embrace it.

      Yeah norovirus was an intense 36 hours. Do not recommend.


  4. Superb mate – definitely smashing the post-apoc theme park trope! There is a death of innocence vibe coming through here that is both awesome and harrowing. Loving it!

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    • “Death of innocence” is a term that I was struggling to remember, thanks for that. My brain don’t always work good 😉
      As we now live in an early cyberpunk, pre-apocalyptic era, the excitement of these sorts of settings in fiction has been soiled for me, due to the inevitability of the whole thing. Or maybe I’m just a miserable old fart. Or most likely, both.

      Still, gotta get jollies where you can, so miniature post apocalyptic autoduel in derelict theme parks it is!

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