Gaslands Slay Ride Advent(ure) #2: Sled

Number 2 in the “Slay Ride” series is quite literal, as much as puns can be literal.  So not literal really, kinda Alanis literal.

#2 is an odd one.

A sled for a car to ride on.

A hint of items to come in the users guide for a sled for a car.

A bit peculiar (although I can imagine kids finding it a fun thing to play with), but also possibly something that has a non-Xmas-y precedent in real life for car transportation, maybe.  Maybe something that an Aleut uses to have his Lamborghini delivered… I dunno.

Yeah… it’s festive, definitely.

I figured that the best way to use the sled (and subsequent items like it in the Hot Wheels Advent Calendar) is as terrain to represent part of an abandoned Xmas town/theme park, a bit like this / this.

Or maybe it’s detritus after a climate change induced, flood washed something like Blizzard Beach to the middle of the wasteland.

The Gaslands setting is an Earth ruined by humanity, with dried up oceans and post-flood deserts littered with all sorts. In this context I reckon that working some of the festive, non-car elements of the advent set into obstacles will work conceptually.  I find the very on-the-nose juxtaposition (yeah… I said it) of Xmas wreckage in a scorching, murder filled post-apocalyptic desert appealing in a trashy way too.

Blizzard Beach in Disneyland Florida.

After removing the translucent wheels and chopping a bit off one of the sled runners to give an off kilter, wrecked look, I hot glued the piece to a cork base, which I built up a little here and there. Rather than repaint the item entirely, I decided to weather it a bit, to make it look like dilapidated plastic, rather than actual sled elements.

It looks a little isolated and lonely at the moment, but as more obvious advent elements are added over the coming weeks, hopefully it will start to tie together.



10 Responses

  1. This is great. It’ll be fun watching this progress.

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    • The non-vehicle elements give me pause to be honest, but I think that I can make the entire lot pull together as a terrain set.

      Appreciate the encouragement though, considering the nature of the car-sled 🙂


      • Quite a challenge 😀. There are enough cheesy Christmas-themed roadside attractions in America that I’m sure that you’ll end up with something that makes sense!

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        • I am pretty confident that it will work out as a whole, but these first few tentative steps feel potentially a step too far, a bit too toylike and, dare I say it… stupid…

          But as you say Allison, there is precedent, so publish and be damned.

          Thanks for the encouraging feedback! There will be some fun elements to come I think 🥳


  2. I think it looks promising. Man, if you did that with the sleigh, I cannot wait for more pieces!

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  3. This is magic! I am following the attentively. You are SLAYing it with this calendar.

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  4. HAHAHAHA SO Glad we got you this,

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