Gaslands Terrain #2: Bikers, Billboards, Posters, etc.

In addition to some bikes and billboards, I added some posters and finishing touches to the gas station, diner and some other bits.

The billboards are from Blotz. The oil pumps and windmills are technically 28mm pieces from TTCombat, but I figured that I could keep them reasonably scale agnostic and use them in Gaslands too.

The symbolism of rusted oil pumps is amusingly on-the-nose.

Political correctness gone mad. A bit of offroading in a radioactive quarantine zone never did anyone any harm.

Racing gates/checkpoints 1 to 4, now with miniature advertisements.

I partly showed these last time, but the addition of posters improves them a bit, so for the sake of completeness, here they are again.

Posters are easier and faster to apply than graffiti, particularly to painted MDF/HDF, so that’s the route that I took.

L to R: Crotch Rocket, Zephyr, Gopher

Aiteal generously provided me with a number of 3D printed items for Gaslands. The first parts of that haul to hit the table are the warboy bike from Heroforge (Crotchrocket) and the bike with the red fairing (Gopher) above (he got that on Thingyverse).

The middle biker (Zephyr) is from the Northstar “Implements of Carnage” frame, which I highly recommend.

I have decided to name my vehicles, rather than their drivers/pilots/riders. It fits with the life-is-cheap, limited resources vibe of the dystopian, post-apocalyptic setting.

I’m still getting a big kick out of this project, so expect more Gaslands related bits here until I get distracted… which could be minutes or months away…



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  1. Nice

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  2. Looks brilliant. I am trying to get my gaming circle interested in a 15mm campaign of ‘Gorka Morka’. Time will tell

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    • Gorkamorka is such an appealing setting that it regularly seems like a good idea to revisit it, but the rules invariably let it down once I get there.

      With Ramshackle Games 20mm toy-car scale ork model range recently released, it really does deserve a smoother take on the concept.


  3. Gorgeous pieces, I always enjoy how your miniature projects include terrain sets. This set is particularly nice. I do wonder though, why did you use square bases on the bikers? Is there a gaming benefit? That warboy biker is cracking.

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    • Re rectangular basing:
      1) I owned some already, for MoW.
      2) although I didn’t base the cars, it would benefit gameplay if I did, for the same reasons that it benefits Man O War gameplay.
      3) rectangular bike bases match the plastic Dark Future bikers, which I hope will appear later.
      4) I couldn’t find flat, plastic, oblong bases in the correct size. I didn’t want MDF/HDF and I definitely didn’t want very high Citadel type bases.

      Plastic Renedra oblongs in the correct size would have been my preference, but as I had the rectangles and they benefit play, I went with those.

      As for terrain, painted 20mm vehicles are useless without matching terrain. Same goes for ships, or cowboys or anything else.

      The terrain is more important than the protagonists.

      I’m glad that you like the project Mr S. There will be a vehicular reckoning I hope πŸ™‚

      The Warboy is just brilliant, and was a doddle to paint. I’m going to have to look at the possibility of getting a few more in other poses.

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  4. The best comment I can make on all of this is that after never having had any real previous interest in 20mm post-apocalyptic car games, I went out and bought and painted some of my own. Seeing you go from 0-100mph in the space of a few weeks is brilliant – the terrain is perfect and the cars are fantastic. I love all the little retro throwbacks too – the Dark Future billboard is probably faster than the game was though!

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    • I’m delighted that the project is proving inspirational Axiom πŸ™‚

      With a project like this, I try to break it down into core requirements: what I require and what I want, in order to get a satisfying game in. Gaslands has proven to be exceptional in this regard. Various attempts to work smarter, not harder over the years have all come together really well this time. The processes used this far have been painless and rapid.

      As for Dark Future, the rules were too fiddly, but the dystopian, pre-apocalyptic elements of the setting that gelled Gibson-esque cyberpunk and Miller-esque tribal autoduel grabbed 13/14 year old me hard. It’s a nostalgic joy to revisit the genre and setting.

      Oh, and finally, the DF billboard is actually an advert for the recent video game, where the cares do travel fast at least πŸ˜€

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  5. Wow! You’re killing this! I especially like the bikers. Great billboards this time too πŸ™‚

    You should see this post on Reddit:

    Think you need one? πŸ˜€

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    • That is a pretty amazing Truckasaurus.

      I have some Truckasaurus plans, but they won’t be as elaborate as the one shown: emphasis on my Gaslands project is to get as many things as possible finished and ready to play as possible while enthusiasm is high. I’m trying to 80/20 every hobby thing now, time is moving on.

      My Truckasaurus will be less impressive, but will be just as capable as trucking sauruses I hope.

      I’m glad that you like the project Al πŸ™‚ I think that some of my enthusiasm is apparent in the posts, and it’s nice to share that feeling. I have many more 20mm autoduel items that I want to work on and plenty of enthusiasm to work on them too. So there should be plenty more I hope!


      • Your enthusiasm IS infectious! I have a few cool Hot Wheels etc. in my bitz box and I’d be tempted to start converting them… but **** having yet another project right now XD


        • I pondered getting involved in Gaslands for months before deciding that I would go for it. Like you Al, I definitely don’t need more projects, but this one felt sufficiently different to be worth while, plus the game itself has a lot of good press, so I took the plunge.

          I avoided it first time around though, for all the sensible reasons that a hobbist would, just as you are.


  6. Definitely nice job! That’s the kind of stuff that makes the difference. I really like how they all look, and I find it funny that those 28mm pieces do work for 20mm!
    Cool, I’d love to see more.

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    • I’m glad that a connoisseur of fun terrain bits like you like the extra posters and billboards Suber, plenty more coming. I picked up some more terrain today in fact…


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