Gaslands Terrain #1

This image causes approximately 83% of humans to make “VROOM-VROOM!” sounds upon seeing it (citation needed).

I fired out a few terrain pieces over the weekend. Nothing terribly fancy, but fun and thematic.

Post-apocalyptic shopping trips. It never ends.

Most of the items that I worked on came from “Blotz“, a company that makes several ranges of competitively priced laser cut gaming tokens and terrain pieces. The 20mm “Petrol Station and Shop/Diner” for £10 was a no-brainer.

Abandoned gas stations tend to have a lot of undergrowth. In a desert-like landscape, parched by climate change, would this hold true? Maybe… maybe-ish. But I like how it looks… and it might have shelter from direct sunlight from that rusty roof, so there you go. Pedantic pseudoscientific requirements satisfied.

I also prepped and painted four “gates” (checkpoints) for Gaslands alongside the gas station and diner. All received a rapidly achieved, abandoned, decrepit looking paint job, more or less identical to that done on my 28mm terrain earlier this year (details here).

Some people use unpainted HDF terrain as-is. I know right. Then again, some people like James Corden… it takes all sorts.

Pretty uninspiring at this stage, but soldier on.

I could have put on a few transfers at this stage maybe… but I didn’t. It would have looked nice perhaps, but it would also have added about 33% more time to the project duration… so nope.

I probably covered up too much of the sprayed finish on the buildings before with weathering really, but that’s the nature of-seat-of-the pants, post-apocalyptic terrain speed painting I suppose.

I probably should have covered up that little square hole in the roof siding. Meh, I’ll get away with it I reckon.

I worked on some billboards and other bits alongside these, but didn’t photograph them as I need to print out some elements to add to them first. I will probably add a few goofy posters on the sides of these buildings at the same time.

The gate numbers are lit green on one side and red on the other, for hopefully obvious reasons.


13 Responses

  1. Woow … You fall deeply in the Gasland univers, That’s great (^_^)
    Very effective sceneries.. The dusty effect is perfect. Bravo l’artiste!

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    • Thanks Nico!

      The emphasis is on getting things “good enough” and ready to game with ASAP these days. I’m enjoying the hobby more when I approach it in a faster and looser fashion these days.

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      • Very peculiar.

        I feel exactly the same lately.

        Dr. The Viking

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        • I think that some if it is age related, knowledge that the project list has to get shorter, that eyesight isn’t getting better.

          I’m enjoying my quick fixes more now.


  2. Looks lovely! With so many people posting about Gaslands..argh.

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    • I managed to avoid the temptation when the game was released initially a couple of years ago Mikko, but I eventually caved this time, in part because the game has a proven pedigree now and also because making post-apoc war machines out of Hot Wheels is so very, very appealing.

      But I can tell by the comment how tempting you are finding it… 😀

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      • The temptation is definitely there! This would also be potentially a small, manageable project (like my pirates, back in 2015)…

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        • It’s 100% small and manageable… until it’s 100% large and unmanageable…
          Toy cars are available almost everywhere too, which poses it’s own challenges.

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  3. Really great – the weathering is extremely effectively done.

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  4. But but but, the fun is in coming up with a joke name and corresponding logo for the petrol station! But I understand your approach.

    I love how your approach to terrain and the gaming area and the miniatures all pulls togethers into a cohesive universe. Marvellous watching the world get built.

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    • It’s true, a joke name is an opportunity missed, no avoiding that. It would have added too much time to apply to the terrain though, and would have been frustratingly difficult for me, with my poor freehand skills.

      As you noted, the aims for this project are simple, straightforward, low intensity work and rapid, single weekend output. So no silly name this time.

      As for world building, I do enjoy obsessing about a single project for a while, and trying to power through as much associated terrain and figures as possible over the weeks and months of that high intensity enthusiasm, before my focus shifts. Gaslands is proving to be quite a fun project, with satisfyingly rapid turnover. I’m glad that you like it Curis 🙂


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