Gaslands “Crazy Horses”

“Jessie’s Girl” and “Naranja Tostado”

Two more cars for my expanding wasteland warrior fleet.

As mentioned elsewhere, I love this song and the uncensored, psychopathy of the lyrics strikes me as bizarrely honest, so “Jessie’s Girl” had to make it into my toy soldiers somewhere… so it’s a car. Which is one of the only times that the overtly female objectification of a vehicle is actually slightly less disturbing than the alternative…

“Naranja Tostado” on the other hand, is just the name of a Vallejo paint that I like saying, so it gets to be the name of a post-apocalyptic buggy now too.

I’m about to get mildly political, just a bit, bear with me:

Donny Osmond knew about the impact of climate change and gas guzzling carbon footprints back in 1972, so y’know, if anyone tells you that they didn’t know what was going on, they they are less well informed than Donny freakin’ Osmond.

Anyway, thats enough of that, but it might explain why my post apocalyptic toy fleet of scumbags is called the “Crazy Horses”.

L to R: “Hammerhead”, “Jessie’s Girl”, “Naranja Tostado”, “Sawtooth”.

I’m really enjoying working on this project. I’m hoping to keep it going for a while, so there will be more of these toy car marauders sooner rather than later I think.

Edit: I forgot to put some WIP shots of these two in, so here are a few:


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  1. Superb again mate!

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  2. These two look fantastic! I like that each of your vehicles has a very distinct shape and personality as well as customizations. And I love that those triangular space marine chainblades feature so prominently! I have a nostalgic affection for those even though I always had so much trouble getting them to stay glued to the old bolters XD

    As for “gas guzzling carbon footprints”… I think we all know that in reality, usable gasoline would disappear very shortly after the apocalypse-of-your-choice, and it wouldn’t be “Car Wars” so much as “The Road” :/ And there’s a reason nobody made a game of “The Road”.

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    • The Road actually put me off post-apoc gaming for a while. I prefer my post-apocalyptic society more mohawk, assless chaps and excitement filled ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I’m glad that you like the distinct shapes and colours of the vehicles. I am intentionally building a stable of post-apocalyptic individuals, rather than a force with obvious gang colours. I see it a bit like a group of wrestlers, each with their own shtick, or a Saturday morning cartoon group, where each member of the team has a distinct colour scheme and appearance.

      The RTB01 chain-bayonets had been sitting in various bags and boxes since I first got the set, waaay back. It’s definitely a pleasure to be finally using them. They definitely give added value to viewers of particular vintage ๐Ÿ˜€

      Thanks for the feedback Allison!

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  3. They look really bloody nice once again, mate. I think your painting method works a treat on these (yes, I’m also replying to the previous post here). The extra-finely detailed weaponry of the Carnage sprue also add a lot when compared to the usual look of cut-down GW Bolters. I’ll have to look into that sprue at some stage, but it looks like I’ll first need to buy the new Gaslands book…

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    • That’s a good point about the more delicately detailed weaponry. It helps to move the project a little further from the toy side of things, closer to being a gaming model (a distinction that only a miniature wargamer would be concerned about really).

      For a fast and dirty approach to Gaslands vehicles like these, I highly recommend the Implements of Carnage sprue. There is certainly fun in modifying other bits and pieces to fit, but that sprue makes things nice and fast.

      Thanks for the feedback Azazel!

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  4. I’m agog at these. Nicely done!

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    • Thanks Mark!

      Honestly, there isn’t that much to the process. Glue a few guns and plates on, roughly slap on some dirt, grime and steel (as per the walkthrough in the last post) and it’s done really. It takes me significantly longer to glue the parts on than it does to paint the entire vehicle to that rough and ready standard.

      It’s very straightforward, requires limited precision work and is a lot of fun. I recommend it!

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  5. Lot of fun these.

    Im fascinated that you’ve gone for a desert-based heavily eroded paintjob. The feeling I got from (admittedly just the cover of) Gasland first edition was that it was a more city-based game with synthwave visuals and hackers driving around Shadowrun cars. Is there room for that kinda game in there too?

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    • There is a definite room for cyberpunk dystopian gaming in Gaslands. Gaslands is simultaneously both cyberpunk dystopia and post-apocalyptic autoduel. Imagine a sporting event in Mega City One, with incorporated elements from the Cursed Earth, and you are in the ballpark.

      Dark Future also combined the high tech, dystopian, urban cyber-chic with the (assless) chaps, mohawks and dune buggy vibe, which was a big part of its appeal to 14 year old, Mad Max watching, William Gibson reading me back then.

      The Gaslands background and rules are intentionally a sandbox, to accommodate whatever flavour of autoduel appeals. However, the game scenarios and campaign system are, generally, more “Death Race” than “Mad Max” really, with “Running Man” (movie) elements. Like “DreadBall”, the factions in Gaslands may actually be theatrical adornments to sports entertainment, like those of WWE wrestlers.

      Do those shirtless skinheads shouting about chrome and Valhalla really live in the wasteland, or is it their on-screen persona?

      Is the guy with the wraparound shades and great hair driving to publicise the sponsoring zaibatsu and live the good life, or is he really working for the Earth resistance?

      Are Rusty’s Bootleggers actually drunk moonshiners off camera?

      As I read it, that’s up to the players. The line between showbiz and reality is intentionally fuzzy in Gaslands.

      I went for an eroded, Mad Max-esque theme to start because it’s a forgiving, fast and fun style to work with, plus I love Mad Max. Once I have enough vehicles and terrain to play with, done to that standard, I will look at some higher tech visuals for some more cars.

      I hope that answers your question Curis!

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      • Thanks for the depth of the answer! I can’t reply at simiar length as car games obviously don’t resonate as deeply with me as you and I have nothing to say about the possibly conceited reality of Mad Max movies. But I value the time you took for your reply!

        Cars. Yay.

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