Choose Your Own Adventurers #15: Rex O’Thermic, Squat Engineer


Assuming possession of two functioning hands, only a weirdo wears a single glove.


I decided to paint the Squat Engineer to match the Squat Miner (as seen last time), which means that both of them match the Construction Crew that I have been painting on and off for the last few years. Although I assumed that the Squat Engineer and Squat Miner make up a paired set, I’m less certain having now painted them both.

The Miner, as you may or may not remember, is dressed in a similar quilted jacket to those worn by most of the Squat range, although his turned down boots look like they could be waders or something similar. But essentially he is a familiar looking squat holding a drill bit.

The Engineer wears a onesie that looks like an environment suit or similar, so he doesnt match.  That isn’t exactly fascinating information I’ll admit, but having stared at the little guy during my free time for a few days, I have decided that it’s interesting enough to mention in a blog post.

On a related note, the Squat Engineer seems to have been overcome with an urgent need to use binoculars while either dressing or undressing, with his front zipper fully open and only one glove present.  Who hasn’t been in that situation, amirite?

Rex now joins the long list of non-combatant figures that can be used for all sorts of scenario driven plot points in my games. He might have privileged info about the construction of an “impenetrable” fortress or similar.  Or he might be trying to blackmail a character that he has been spying on via his binoculars, like in a sixties spy adventure.  Engineers can be blackmailing spies too.

The next Choose Your Own Adventurer model will be from Axiom, followed by Curis before it comes back around to me again.  Don’t miss the ones from those two, they are always a treat.

Thanks for looking!


18 Responses

  1. The engineer and the miner will always be a pair in my mind. I can’t see it any other way. Did you give yours a white undersuit peeping through his workwear? I’ve just looked back at mine and it looks like I painted it as bare flesh!!

    I’m really enjoying the grime and filth you’ve managed to convey with the stippling (and possibly zenithal spraying and/or drybrushing?). A fine addition to the construction crew.

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    • I added a white vest to tie him in with the rest of the crew a little. I cant remember if that sculpt actually had it or not though 🙂

      The zenith spraying and stippling does add a rather cartoony “used” look. It doesn’t always photograph as well as it might, but I do like it.

      Thanks for the feedback Axiom!


    • > I painted it as bare flesh!!

      You must subscribe to the George Lucas “There’s no underwear in space” philosophy…

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  2. I do enjoy when you zero in on one of the more unusual or obscure classics. Dwarf undressing (yeah, it could be dressing, but no) in locker room while adjusting binoculars was not on my radar. Nice add to the group.

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    • The two squats are some of the more obscure Adventurers, as they didn’t make the leap from White Dwarf advert to the 1991 Catalogue.

      I didn’t actually know that they even existed until relatively recently. I’m still confused/amused by what that guy is supposed to be up to though.

      Some day we will play a game with that guy and it will all become clear. Heh.


  3. I always enjoy the Choose Your Own Adventurers posts; this one being no exception. The RT minis are packed with character and narrative, even if that’s occasionally ‘slightly drunk’, like this squat!

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    • Hah! A lot of the sculpts do look a bit like they have suddenly become more tipsy than they expected!

      The narrative hooks are what I love about these models. I have umpteen space people with guns, so it’s fun to have a few that are up to something else, even if it’s failing to dress/undress like this guy.

      Thanks for the kind words Apologist!

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  4. Wahey! Another CYOA that you actually enjoyed!

    I had just assumed it was a pistol, not a pair of binoculars. Thanks for describing the details. Looking forward to seeing some shots of them with the construction crew.

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    • I fully expect to enjoy most of the CYOA contributions, but those power armoured models did try my patience a fair bit.

      In retrospect I should have painted the binoculars a little differently to the other black elements on the model, to make it stand out more.

      I have a few more Construction Crew in-progress (for aaages…) so when I get them done I will take a few group shots.

      Thanks for the feedback Curis!


  5. I wonder if he is not undressing…which is kinda weird but hey it’s an 80s mini. My line of thought, he seems to be about to remove his cap, then take of his binos, so he can finish unzipping the suit. An interesting narrative from the sculpt. LOL Maybe he is about to put on his Mr. Rodgers outfit and teach us all some cool lessons, or it could just be that he got frightened a beastie and is changing his outfit since he soiled himself. 😉 Either way you look at it, nice paint work man!

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    • Mr Rogers undressing out of a soiled space suit to teach us all some lessons is quite an image airbornegrove 😀 Definitely not one that I had considered as a possibility.

      The paint job is a bit rough and ready, as the point of the Construction Crew project was to be able to repeat it rapidly, but it still works pretty well. I’m glad that you like it.

      Thanks for the feedback!


  6. From what I see, I’d say he’s grabbing his stuff tight; that gale has already taken his glove away!

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    • Hmm… it still doesn’t explain why he is undressing outdoors though.

      I’ll add “high winds” to the list of possible explanations for his condition though Suber, thanks 😀


  7. Nice job dude, and I think I can solve the conundrum… He has clearly been sculpted in the act of perving from a bush somewhere… the reason for the state of undress then becomes clear, and the glove must be a favourite fapping gauntlet… at least that’s how it was for me amigo 🤟

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    • I was attempting to imply some of that without using terms like “favourite fapping gauntlet” Alex, but you had to lower the tone ;-D

      I keep thinking about George McFly up a tree when I look at the pose.

      It’s a fun old model and it mostly turned out pretty well I think, thanks!

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  8. I’ve most likely said it before (on every single construction crew mini), but it’s a lovely yellow. As he’s a dwar..squat, and racial tropes are cool in space, I just assume he’s drunk and thus always missing his glove and his zipper constantly open.

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    • A booze related element had not crossed my mind actually Mikko, good call. He does look like he is struggling with the process of dressing/undressing, possibly at closing time.

      I’m interested that you like that flat, almost pastel yellow colour. I cant really “see” it any more these days, having been painting it on and off for a few years now.

      Thanks for the feedback.

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