The Lost City of Exactamundo Pt 7: Arcane Ruins

“”Allo [YOUR TOWN NAME HERE], ‘ow you doin’ too-niiight?!!!”

A versatile piece of slightly older Citadel terrain suitable for, amongst other things, miniature concert stage props.

The Arcane Ruins kit can be assembled and used in a number of different ways.  I glued the components together so that I have access to three different archways that can be set up independently.

Anderson Psi Division: The Possessed

While I have a pair of Realmgates painted and ready to be used as dimension spanning plot devices, the above image from one of my favourite comic stories ever (Anderson Psi Division: The Possessed) defines the trope for me. With that in mind, it’s no harm to have a few more mystical portals knocking around.

In addition to its obvious other use as an on stage props for an ailing rock band, the base piece of the Arcane Ruins can be used to represent an area of holy/unholy ground with or without the various pillars in the set.  The tall obelisk can be used alone to represent a beastman herdstone or some other focal point too.

It’s a fun set.  If I was brand new to the hobby, then two Arcane Ruins sets would give a huge range of options for playing games with all sorts of narrative hooks, in addition to a decent amount of flexible terrain that can be used to simply block line of sight too.  On top of all that the set can feasibly be used in sci-fi as well as fantasy games.  A desert table covered in these, half buried in sand would be nifty, and easy to achieve.

This post inadvertently turned into a review of sorts.  I’m just enthusiastic and I don’t want the most versatile and possibly least ostentatious piece of terrain in the Exactamundo series to fade into the background.  The Arcane Ruins got the same painting treatment as everything else in the Exactamundo project: nothing fancy and reasonably fast to execute.

More Exactamundo to come.


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  1. A truly versatile set, well worth having. Along with the skullz, the wee clumps of moss and weed give them some nice visual interest.

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    • The little bits added help to ground the pieces a little bit too, regardless of how theatrical they look. It hopefully makes the pieces look a little more integrated into their surroundings.

      I could happily pick up three of those sets, chop them up a little and make a tables worth of “The Mummy” style ruins…

      So tempting…

      Thanks for the feedback Mr. Saturdays!


  2. I’m a big fan of multi-use terrain, as you know. Nicely executed!

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  3. I was debating whether to get something like this or the realm gate or make my own for that matter. Decisions decisions…you’ve made a good case for both.

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    • I like the Realmgates too, but they are not as generally useful as the Arcane Ruins set is.

      If I was getting one then I would get the Arcane Ruins… but I think that you should get both…


  4. Versatile, useful and handsome – and the terrain ain’t too bad either mate 🙂

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  5. Half buried in sand sounds like a classic. In fact, it sounds like the original gaming table: a sand table. But as props for a group of aging rockers might be my favorite use. That said, flexibility is dang useful. And it’s good to see the set designers got the rocks the right size this time. I have a chain motor you can use to lower one in, if you need. 😉

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  6. Very nice work on the weathering. I am also a big fan of the set, contemplating getting a second one and painting it up in grey now.

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    • I reckon that I could rattle a few more sets out quickly if required. It’s a practical design.

      Thanks for the feedback Subedai.


  7. Exactamundo is turning into quite the lost city. Lovely work on these, as usual!

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    • Thanks Mikko.

      It covers a satisfyingly large area of table top now. More then enough really.

      I have some plans for a few bits of street dressing, but they might never while coming yet.
      Focus has shifted back to sci-fi a bit.


  8. With all this love for Anderson I’ve surprised you’ve not got a model of her painted up to pose walking through all the various bits of terrain you’ve shown that panel alongside.

    Great work! I really like all the colour you inject into terrain pieces.

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    • I have three Anderson’s (one on a Lawmaster) and shamefully not even one painted.
      It will happen, but you are right, it should have happened before now.

      As for colour, I made mistake of making ruined terrain too monochrome grey before. They ended up looking a bit like they were unpainted, or just undercoated.
      I’m not ending up there again.

      Thanks for the feedback Curis!


  9. A great set of terrain that I will have to look out for!

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  10. […] on this terrain followed a similar pattern to how I painted my [DEEP VIRTUAL BREATH] Arcane Ruins, Osgiliath Ruins, Garden of Morr/Sigmarite Mausoleum/Corpsewrack Mausoleum, Ophidian Archway, […]


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