Dinosaur Egg Recipe

An extra-real, 100% organic, roughage filled treat for use as miniature terrain.

Although there appears to be a banana skin to the bottom right of the shot, no bananas are used in this recipe, primarily because bananas are disgusting.

Nutritional Information
Kcal: 428,000
Fat: big-boned
Saturates: moderate to good, with a warm front moving in from the East.
Carb: enet Sauvignon
Sugars: honey, honey
Fibre: Bristol rating 4
Protein: Antitein
Salt: 0.4 pints

Cadburys Mini Eggs
Shredded Wheat
The enthusiasm of gaming colleagues partner

Obtain Mini Eggs
Tell gaming colleagues that you have located suitable eggs for Dinoproof game
Apply peer pressure to force them to make “nests”
Eat Mini Eggs
Dont tell anyone
Buy replacement Mini Eggs
Say nothing
Apply passive aggressive peer pressure to gaming colleague regarding lack of dinosaur nests for game via Facebook and #johnstillhasntgotnestsreadyforthegame
Be humbled as gaming colleagues partner sees this as challenge and prepares twenty delicious chocolate nests including eggs

For best results serve the nests with lightly steamed, jurassic geeks.


More details on this momentous, prehistoric get together at a later date.


21 Responses

  1. Mmmm! Edible terrain! Good call 🙂

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  2. I’m moist with anticipation at reading the battle reports on this game. I’m also moist at the thought of chocolate. Mmm… moist.

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  3. Edible minieggture gaming, how eggcellent and intenesting!

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  4. I heartily approve of food terrain, plastic dinos and captioned pictures. Well done everyone!

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    • I took some more photos. Ill collate them into a post soon.

      There is a lot of fun in having toy dinos sneaking up behind miniatures in a “Hes Behind You!!!!” panto style.


  5. That does rather sound like fun. You get to eat each objective you capture? Splendid!

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    • Some objectives were eaten before, during and after their ca[pture in fact.

      Amusingly, one nest seemed to actually be eaten absent mindedly without much consideration 🙂


  6. MMM Cadbury mini-eggs. Which unfortunately only come in big bags and only this time of year in these parts. I say “unfortunate” because have you seen how many calories are in a whole bag of those?

    Looking forward to the game report.

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    • Mini Eggs from the fridge are dangerously tempting alright. We have the limited seasonal availability thing here too, which frankly exacerbates the situation.

      Ill get some more photos up over the next week or so Lasgunpacker.


  7. I came in contact with marshmellow eggs when I first arrived in NZ. Life was never the same. Great use of an egg variety. Chocolate is after all the basis of the food pyramid.

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    • I was never *that* into chocolate. I ate it, but y’know, irregularly.

      As I get older it has become more insidious. Bloody sugar. Dredd was right.


  8. Are those easter eggs?


  9. […] There’s a blog about making chocolate cakes here. […]


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