Urban Sci-Fi Terrain


Judges patrol the rad-zones of Sector 13.

I have been working on a terrain set for the last few months.  Urban sci-fi terrain has been a goal since I first got into toy soldiers in the eighties, but its only now that I am finally getting to fully indulge in getting the necessary bits ready.

More details and info will follow over the next few weeks but for now, after a weekend of painting ruined buildings, this snap is a proof of an almost thirty year old concept that pleases me quite a bit.


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  1. Nice photo; I look forward to seeing more! 🙂

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    • Lots to come, most of the work until now has been pretty dull and mechanical. It’s finally getting to the fun stage now 🙂

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      • Yeah, I hate the dull mechanical stage of a project. For minis it’s just cleanup and priming. For terrain it’s a bit more work.

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        • I have more than what is shown above in various stages of assembly, but it has been a bit of a slog so far taking ups lots if my free time for the last few weeks. Taking and sharing the photo above was a calculated attempt at morale boosting, which has worked 🙂

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  2. I like where this is going!

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    • Early signs are good Subedai.
      Some syraightforward modular thematic elements have worked out more simply and quickly than I expected they would. I am quite excited by the whole thing to be honest!


  3. It’s good when a plan comes together 🙂

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    • There isn’t a better planner in the hobby than you Paul.
      Rather than reinvent the wheel I have directly copied some of the principles used in the urban elements if your Anarchy Offline project, the modular grid layout of the Omni-Tek buildings in particular. Some of those ideas are cornerstones of my project, thanks.


  4. Colour me interested.

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  5. This is definitely going to make for a fantastic looking game – well worth the effort! I’m looking forward to the battle report 😀

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    • Expect to see these show up in numerous AARs Captain, but hopefully they will look a little direct each time, like props on a stage in a local drama production: familiar but different.

      The signs are magnetically attached, the idea being to dress them appropriately for different settingstyles and games. The first outing for these pieces will likely be as a ruined space jungle outpost, so the MC1 style retail signs will be replaced with something more appropriate.
      Modularity us key for me now.


  6. Wow! These look fantastic! Do you have any free standing rubble piles to block streets etc? That might be handy.

    The swappable signs are a great idea, and relatively easy with laser printers and adhesive magnetic sheets.

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    • I worked on a handful of identical free standing rubble pieces with the ruined pieces shown, you can see one in the doorway in the top right of the photo. They are small, tank trap sized pieces rather than the large heaps of rubble seen after bombings but they are convenient.

      I worked on ruins first because it is the most forgiving way to work out and lock down a technique. Some ruined areas will be fun for the project, but I won’t consider the project finished until I can cover the table in intact terrain. The thematic aim is to represent a bad part town in a functioning science fiction city.

      Thanks for the feedback No Such Agency, I’m glad that you like it.


  7. Very cool Paul – and highly inspirational. I have a few structures in varying states of completion and have most everything I need for painting. Just need to get around to it.

    But magnetized signage – that’s hardcore man. =)

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    • Thanks Mattias. I spent a fair bit of time working out what compromises to make in order to get the terrain painted as fast as possible and to a standard that I am happy with. It still inevitably takes a bug chunk of time though.
      These ruins were a slightly experimental dry run. I have some more intact structures lined up next

      The magnetised signs are fun. I will explain the reasoning behind the idea later: it’s more practical than you might think.


  8. I do love a good terrain project and this one looks rather juicy 🙂

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    • I have quite a large and juicy project planned, but I have to tackle it in bite sized chunks for now. I am pleased with how it is going so far though 🙂 Thanks!


  9. In response to your comments on Painting Agency (thanks!), you could totally do 15 mm. And you’d ace them. You’re a significantly better painter than I am, with apparently more free time.

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    • Thank you for vote of confidence NSA, I appreciate it 🙂

      I think that I could technically get a handle on 15mm painting and I do actually think that it suits how I paint, but its a fear of diluting my limited resources – time primarily – that stops me.

      I have more than enough 28mm (and 6mm and my only concession to fantasy is 10mm) and associated terrain projects to keep me going util I reach 250 or so as it is, so 15mm – not matter how cute – just cant really even be considered.

      It doesnt mean that I cant enjoy seeing the fantastic 15mm things that you display though, the opposite really 🙂


  10. Holy crap on toast that’s awesome ! I just bought that same terrain, to use for games like Necrmonda, 40k, infinity and now I what to play Judge Dredd ! Have you seen the new Rule book?! It is F-ing gorgeous! I want to try it out!


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