Killer Robot Drones


Some very quick paint jobs on some small but nice rank and file miniatures today, some drones to accompany my more heroic types.

These drones are from a Sci-fi Robots Kickstarter that Oathsworn Miniatures ran toward the end of 2014.  I pledged to get the nice large humanoid robots in the range, but as is often the case, I ended up painting the supporting cast of drones first.  I had an idea that they might work well with Cooper that I painted last week.


An image from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie trailer.  Note the floating red, black and gunmetal floating robotic things with guns.  That was the best image that I could manage Im afraid, sorry.

I originally painted Cooper and  Char’lee with the intention of using them as Sidekick and Muscle types in games of Pulp Alley.  I certainly plan to do that with them in future, but I also thought that it might be fun to be able to use them as masters of their own destiny.

Top down, pretty nasty photos of the drones.  Cute models though.

Top down, pretty nasty photos of the drones. Cute models though.

Rocket, the character that Cooper is based on is a techy sort who hacks and reprograms a set of guard drones in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.  It doesnt take much of a leap to imagine that when Cooper and Char’lee go bounty hunting, they might use some drone assistance.  So I painted these miniatures for that use.

Three tracked drones and the wrecked version.

Three tracked drones and the wrecked version.

It doesnt make any particular sense for the drones to use the same palette as the drones in the prison in the movie of course, but for the sake of resonance I went with something similar.  The painting on these models was a bit quicker and carefree than I usually go for, but as I am working on terrain for a gaming meet in a couple of weeks, I didnt want to get bogged down.  Mindless robotic drones are pretty much the definition of faceless goons anyway.

Wrecked drones.  they dont look like much here, dodgy photo and everything, but they will be useful in game.

Wrecked drones. They dont look like much here, dodgy photo and everything, but they will be useful in game.

In addition to the three flying drones and the three tracked drones (tracked drones dont feature in the movie, but again, its not much of a stretch) a pair of wrecked drone models was supplied in the Kickstarter.  They will work as objective markers or plot points or whatever.



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  1. One of the best fun things about the Starwars RPGs etc was reprogramming droids to do your bidding, whether it be hacking or adding fire support or just hanging out (“your plastic pal who’s fun to be with!”). These little guys look great and make a fun addition to the battlefield!

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    • The photos are a bit dodgy, but it was good to be able to use models like that to turn a duo into a Pulp Alley league all of their own. I may add more robots to Coopers entourage at a later date, I like the idea of it.

      Thanks for the feedback Captain!


  2. Like the drones. Darn shame they haven’t made them available on the website, as this is yet another kickstarter I completely missed. You’ve done a really nice job with them.

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    • Thanks David, Im glad that you like them. I imagine that its just a matter of time before they become part of the online store. If you emailed Oathsworn then I would be surprised if they couldnt rustle up a few for you. They are cute little models, the flyers in particular.

      The large walking robots are what I mainly pledged for, they are nicer. I am tempted to get them painted in the same scheme sooner rather than later. We shall see.


  3. Very nice sir. I could happily pinch one of those tracked robots for Spacehulk😛

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    • Thats a good idea, very C.A.T like 🙂

      They would pass for 6mm tanks at a pinch too. I should have added a bit of free hand detail to the front of the turret perhaps, but I was more interested in getting the lot of them powered through so that I can get back to work on the things that I need for my next gaming meet up.

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  4. Good idea. I like the touch of red on the drones as it emphasises the idea of them being redshirts, i.e. the ones who are only there to die first.

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    • Yeah, these are definitive redshirts, inhuman shields. This group is all about the wisecracking raccoon and his branchy buddy and their kerrrazy antics. The drones are just there to explode.

      Thanks for the feedback.


  5. You have some very cool foliage you use for basing. What is it? (and where would one purchase said stuff)

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  6. Very nice work! 🙂

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  7. Hm, didn’t know about the minis, but they look great. Pretty nice work on them!

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    • The painting was pretty straightforward, but the intention was to get them processed as fast as I could. That way I can spend a little more time on the next more identifiable character, like a motile tree or raccoon with a gun fetish.

      The miniatures are nice though and they reward a rapid painting approach.

      Thanks for the feedback.


  8. A great set, and hyper useful. Nice job! Foliage is cool too.

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    • It is a pretty multifunctional set of models. They will get used beyond this role for sure I reckon.

      Normally I wouldnt have added as much bright foliage to models like these as I did, but as Cooper ended up with foliage to tie him in with Char’lee I decided to continue it through the drones. Those Tajima tufts are great.

      Thanks for the feedback mrsaturdays.


  9. ‘Seek and Destroy’ should be right song to listen when playing with these drones. Really like them and I can see them being used in all kinds of scenarios.

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    • They are ubiquitous little guys. I imagine that they will regularly show up in more than just the games with this skirmish force.

      Thanks for the feedback daggerandbrush.


  10. That’s a cool group there! I didn’t “get it” until I read the post, but once I did it made complete sense.

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    • It felt like a fairly obvious idea once it clicked, but it was a good way to get the impetus to paint some of those models. Plus the Raccoon will get his time in his own mini-series now, before he gets relegated to sidekick in future.

      Thanks for the phreedhback!


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