Gretchin Pirates and Pilot

(Sub) Kaptin Ay-Wholes scurvy grots

(Sub) Kaptin Ay-Wholes scurvy grots

Some greenskin astro-buccaneers of smaller stature today.

Image from kevadamschallenge.blogspot

Image from kevadamschallenge.blogspot

I picked up a number of the Goblinaid miniatures available last year.  I primarily bought the sci-fi/modern types but I also grabbed a few of the pirate gobbos too (and a Highwaygoblin, which is close enough in my book) with the Freebooter project in mind.


The bare chested guy reminds me of Benny Hills Fred Scuttle character, but I think that its the pose more than anything else.  Since Goblinaid finished this miniature has been made available from Hasslefree Miniatures.


The bare headed gent in the jacket next to the saluting guy above is a highwaygoblin who looks more than piratey enough for my purposes.  Like most of the models in this post, the flintlock style pistols have had small circles of plastic rod added which have been (hurriedly) painted like LEDs.  Because futuristic guns have lights on them, thats just the way it is.  A very vague nod to the psuedo sci-fi environment where I will be using the miniatures.


These two pirates step a little closer to sci-fi, with one of them being a goblin in a space suit and the other wielding a proper sci-fi pistol, even if he otherwise looks like a cartoon pirate.  The plasma pistol was a simple weapon swap.  I also added a simple approximation of the bits that turn regular swords into power swords in the 40K universe to the goblins blade too.  Far from seamless, its another nod to how these guys are like, pirates, y’know, in like, space.

Pilot Rear Shot

Pilot Rear Shot

The pilot goblin is a bijou model, full of character and lots of fun to paint.  Imagining this little guy at the helm of the Helga appeals to me.  He should really have a name…


Neither of this final pair are Goblinaid models, both are Hasslefree products.  Both are also very nice models, with the guy with his arms folded in particular featuring some very fine detail.

The smaller guy – I see him as some sort of gunslinging cabin boy – got a pair of Heresy Miniatures sci-fi pistols glued onto his hips (good luck trying that with gigantic GW sidearms), which gave him a marginally more sci-fi look.  The other model had the cutlass in his right hand swapped for an old GW plastic hand flamer.  I chose a hand flamer because I have never equipped a model with one and I figured that it was time.

The larger model features some sort of peculiar furry bat on its shoulder and furry squig thing at his feet/foot and peg.  I painted both creatures white as it ties in with the the existing palette for my orks (even if only very rarely in the case of the pirate sub-set of the orks).  It was very tempting to paint the little guy a bit more like the Sesame Street Martians though.

Overall a bionic eye here and there wouldnt have gone amiss on these miniatures.  Some suitable futuristic bits to hang on the goblins belts would have helped to make them look a little more sci-fi but I decided to leave them as they are.  They fit in well with the rest of the Skallywags as is anyway.

Kaptin Fiddy Teef, Sub-Kaptin Ay-Whole, Mr Killgore - Quartermaster

Kaptin Fiddy Teef, Sub-Kaptin Ay-Whole, Mr Killgore – Quartermaster



14 Responses

  1. Man, looking at these makes me want to play Necromunda again. Especially your comment about the hand flamer.


    • Im not 100% sure why these guys make you ant to play Necromunda in particular. Is is that they are a group of characters rather than a squad of very similar miniatures maybe?

      Either way, Im glad that you enjoyed them anyway 🙂


  2. This work is pure genius, they look perfect for your project, you are mustering quite a scary crew!


    • Thanks Suber. I am pleased with how the crew is coming along. They are turning out a lot like I had hoped that they would.


  3. Where did you get the work pirate captain? Of is that a regular model with a lot of work?


  4. I’m only getting them together at the minute. Will mean I don’t have to use a sneaky rat to win pulp alley the next time we meet 🙂


    • The rats didn’t work out too badly for you all the same 🙂

      I’ll play a faction next time rather than GM.

      I have a spare set of ammo grots wearing tricornes/with peg legs etc if you are looking for some and fancy a trade.


  5. Well I have been looking for one of the flash got box set grotz for use as a first mate… The one with peg leg, tricorne and cutlass. If you get my email from John let me know what you are interested in….


  6. I know this is an old post, but I stumbled across this while looking for a goblin mini for my Starfinder goblin pilot. The pilot mini would be perfect, but I can’t seem to find where (if?) I can purchase one. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Schwenker.

      The pilot was in a “Goblinaid” charity set sold about four years ago. Wargames Foundry used to sell them as a set I think, but they don’t seem to any more. Same with Ral Partha Europe.

      I suggest that you give either or both of those companies a call.

      I hope that you track one down, it’s a fun model.


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