Pulp Alley/Inquisitor Multiplayer


Still smarting from his failure to thwart ork Warboss Frangks efforts to release the power of the Ragna Rock, Inquisitor Verhoeven has focussed is considerable resources on determining the greenskins next move.  The Warboss has proven to be a cunning opponent .  The Inquisitor must at the very least keep Frangk contained on Krellborn IX until Imperial military forces can be brought to bear.

A further complication involves ongoing communication exchange with an old ally now posted in Sector Six.  Based  on the Inquisitors previous tussles with the Cerebalite Consortium, intel exchanged both before and after Sub-Ambassador Sulla Tigh came under attack by an obscenely powerful xenos threat seems to indicate signs of manipulation by Tenebrainian Enslavers.  Even more worryingly, the almost unthinkable possibility of Ecclesiarchy collusion now has to be considered.

Ambassador Sophie Blanch-Andres has left Sector Six incognito in order to rendezvous with Verhoeven and her vessel – the KCS Passeraux – now orbits Krellborn IX.  Communications are disrupted by the numerous Perilium deposits exposed by the orks.  Therefore Agent Sophie and her allies have landed near Verhoevens last known location…


I ran this four player Pulp Alley game a little while ago, but didnt have the opportunity to write it up until now.  The game consisted of four factions taking part in a version of “The Lost Keys” scenario from the rulebook.

As the folks originally planning to take part were each individually hit with different amounts of real life prior to the event and therefore unable to attend, the game with the newly drafted participants was a bit more chaotic than I expected.  Narrative and my ability to document proceedings suffered as a result, which was more of a shame than usual due to it being my first attempt to engage in the Sector Six Crossover games.

Therefore this record is going to consist mainly of some images.  A more involving tale regarding the adventures of Agent Blanch-Andres when she met Inquisitor Verhoeven will follow soon.









9 Responses

  1. I have nothing to add but my admiration for your cool hobbying and equally cool photography.


  2. Woohoo!
    Did Agent Sophie hang on to her objective?
    Great stuff!

    Great story to feed the next episode in Sector Six!


    • Sophie did hold onto the crucial maguffin (although I will have to check my notes to determine exactly what the maguffin was…).

      A series of two or three narrative driven games featuring Sophie and co is due to take place next weekend Maj. I am hopeful that it will generate some more specific pulp shenanigans. More info when I have it.


  3. Really liking that alien scenery. Definitely gives it a STAR TREK:TOS feel. 🙂


    • Im particularly glad that you mentioned ST:TOS 172fixer, thanks.

      The single most important goal when preparing that terrain set was to make sure that it reflected the sorts of places that young Bill Shatner rolled around punching aliens and making out with green ladies in. Thats the sort of sci-fi that I most want my toy soldier games to reflect 🙂


      • I’ve got a similar idea in mind. And, after checking out my local pet/fish supply store, I just might have everything I need. Thanks for the inspiring post!


        • You are more than welcome. I found that my local pet shops didnt have enough of the more exotically coloured plastic aquarium plants for my lurid, gaudy tastes. I ended up buying my plants from Ebay instead as a result.

          I kept track of some of the process in a few blog posts if you are interested in how I approached the project. They might be of some help if you are planning something similar. If you do make a similar jungle then I would love it if you could get back in touch when you have some images.


          Thanks for the feedback 🙂


  4. […] has often been a case of heading towards the largest explosions.  Although Agent Blanche Andres has once come within visual range of the Inquisitor since she made planetfall she has yet to make full […]


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