“Helga” Gets Minor Makeover

Helga - now with orange trim

Helga – now with orange trim

After some agonising about realism(?) and return on painting time spent I decided to give Helga a little more attention this evening.  After taking on board some of the feedback that I got on the original Helga paint job, I decided to add orange trim to the four wings (fins? Aerofoils?) and to a handful of small details on the little turret and the hull roof.



I think that this improves the look of the model without making it excessively toylike, although I think that the photography might be slightly worse this time around.  Many thanks to all of you who gave helpful feedback 🙂

More feedback on the finished job is definitely welcome of course, but I dont think that I will be returning to Helga with a paintbrush again one way or another.

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