More Necron Scarabs



I painted some Necron Scarabs in 2012 to accompany my Skynet-Necrons and then added to them recently with these little Reaper Bones swarm models.

The GW Necron scarab models are roughly the size of a large cat alongside most 28mm figures.  There is nothing wrong with robot space beetles being that large of course, although I did notice that a large number of much smaller scarabs feature in many of the Necron illustrations.  Therefore when the first Reaper Bones Kickstarter was running Phreedh helped me to get a set of the various swarms of bugs etc so that I could add some smaller scarabs to my robot forces.

Reaper Bones beetle and spider swarms.

Reaper Bones beetle and spider swarms.

I included the spider swarms alongside the beetle swarms.  I dont feel much of a need to justify their inclusion according to any background or anything, but it still pleases me to note the precedent set by the various Necron illustrations: they feature a variety of arthropod inspired robot servants of the Necrontyr.  Spiders & scorpions, centipedes and various lobster-like things all feature.

Unusually for me, I painted these models up about six months ago but I forgot to blog about them until now.


4 Responses

  1. Love this idea of using the standard insect swarms. They could in theory do double duty for epic if you felt the need.


    • They would work for Epic now that you mention it. I will also use them as regular, rather shiny not-robotic bugs if I need them for Deathworld stuff or whatever.

      I have a couple more bug bases, but I held off painting them metallic. I will probably paint them in more exotic colours at some stage.


  2. Great idea, these feel like a proper swarm as opposed to the standard “3-4 small scarabs on a big base”. As a sidenote, I love your Overlord.


    • I like the regular scarabs, but they dont feel like a swarm to me, not that it really matters. This just felt like a fun way to use the bug swarm models.

      Lord Hector Decimal does have a certain je ne sais quoi, a fusewire moustache twirling panache. Its an off-the-peg-model though, the plastic lord that is supplied as an option as part of one of the croissant shaped Necron kits. Dastardly.

      Theottovonbismark suggested that I prepare a female robot partner to make Hectors life an unliving, eternal, seventies sitcom style hell. Its tempting I can tell you. For an undead automaton, Hector has personality that would benefit from some more investment I think.

      Thanks for the feedback.


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