Ursa Miners: Runts

CP Models "Runts"

CP Models “Runts”

These three guys and a girl are “Runts” from CP Models.  I dont know who the sculptor is, but I enjoyed painting them. EDIT: the sculptor is Al Elder

The sculpts are well defined and the casting was good with only a small amount of clean up required.  The crisp detail made the models very pleasant to paint.

I painted the Runts up with half an idea of them comprising some sort of Spec Ops team of misfits assembled for an impossible mission, like the A-Team or the Mighty Ducks.  In that role I find them quite fun.


The twin SMG wielding guy above suggests some sort of badass to me, possibly the sort of faceless, covert-ops specialist who never speaks, like Snake -Eyes.  I was tempted to add a sheathed katana to his back before I painted the model but didnt.  I mildly regret not doing it now.


I figure that maybe this guy is the Ursa Miners biological warfare specialist and that the grenade may contain some sort of custom bio-toxin that he has cooked up.  That would explain both his outfit and that he is carrying an oddball, old school style of grenade I think.

As these guys are intended to be used as co-star type character pieces, its better to have unusually equipped figures anyway.  Its not like I am short of gun equipped tough guy space dwarfs.


Im glad to have finally added a female to my Ursa Miners.  Like the rest of the Runts its a nicely sculpted, well defined figure.  The face reminds me a little of Sanda Bernhardt.


I cant decide whether this heavily tooled up guy is my favourite of the bunch or whether the twin SMG guy pips him to that post.  Either way, he means business.  His helmet and the back of his shoulder armour (not visible above) both display some sort of rank marking, making him the Runt combat squad leader.  I get the feeling that this guy never laughs.

L to R: Forgefather Stormrage Veterans, Runt, Forgefather Steel Warrior

L to R: Forgefather Stormrage Veterans, Runt, Forgefather Steel Warrior

The runts scale well with the Forgefather contingent of my Ursa Miners, but their equipment is quite different in appearance.  There was a time when I strove for uniformity in my miniatures gear and outfits, but these days I am happy to mix them up quite a bit.  It makes batch painting less tedious.  As I think can be seen quite easily in the photo above, the common palette helps an awful lot with tying them together.

I used Mantic circular bases for these figures.  The Runts have integral bases rather than tabs and the Mantic bases have a circular recess designed for the base plugs on their models.  Using those bases with the Runts made the figures stand flush with the top of the base nice and easily.

I have a fifth space dwarf miniature from another manufacturer to add to these guys at a later date, just to bring the total up to five to satisfy my OCD (and for use in Swatters games).  I will likely get around to painting the fifth guy reasonably soon I think.  Probably.


4 Responses

  1. The girls blonde hair and the shading on her face came out amazing!! I love the colours you’ve used.
    And dat red facemask. I wants it!


    • Thanks!

      I find painting female faces to be harder than painting males. Putting political correctness aside for a moment, idealised/caricature miniature female faces look too harsh if they are highlighted in way that I highlight most things. There was a fair bit of swearing while I painted her face 🙂

      The palette for these models matches the rest of my space dwarfs. Its supposed to be semi-plausible, while still having some nice bright olours to make them “pop” a bit on the tabletop. Im glad that you like it.


  2. That female just screams Smurfette to me! Is it just me or is the gas grenadier guy quite long of limb?


    • Hah! You are of course 100% correct about the female. I didnt spot that at all. I like the figure more now. A space dwarf femme fatale with mannerisms of Smurfette: thats got gaming potential 😀

      The grenadier looks a bit lanky for a dwarf I guess. I dont think that he is particularly disproportionate though, at least no more than any other heroic scale miniatures. It might just be that his outfit gives him a certain look and that he has less girth than most dwarfs.


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