2013 so far…

Although I have a number of miniatures and related projects in various states at the moment, some of which will be posted here very soon, I dont have any photos this week.  Mainly thats because I blew my load and over-enthusiastically posted all of my recent Ursa Miner stuff in rapid succession instead of spacing it out a bit.  So its a hobby clip show today.

My 2013 hobby plans included a number of caveats and if/then statements, but in short it went like this:

  • DreadBall
  • Judge Dredd
  • Rogue Trooper
  • 40k Skirmish
  • Wasteland/Post Apoc Terrain
  • Sci-fi Urban Terrain

I will go through each quickly:

DreadBall has been the big winner so far this year and is highly likely to be the project with the most work done on it in 2013.  In January I had yet to play the game but had dumped a lot of Kickstarter cash on it and I was nervous that the game would be a damp squib.

As the year has progressed the game has exceeded my expectations dramatically.  As well as encouraging me to paint sixty-nine miniatures it has also led to running and taking part in various tournaments through out the country.

This is a good thing.  The other proposed projects have suffered a bit as a result, but with something like this it is better to strike while the iron is hot.  The other projects will still be there when DreadBall loses some of its lustre.

So far I have got these guys done:

OCP Patriots Dreadball Corporation Team

OCP Patriots Dreadball Corporation Team

B.P. Oilers Dreadball Marauder Team

B.P. Oilers Dreadball Marauder Team

Ursa Miner Bruins Dreadball Forgefather Team

Ursa Miner Bruins Dreadball Forgefather Team

Rekall Rentokillaz Veer-myn DredMill

Rekall Rentokillaz Veer-myn DredMill

The Rupture Farmers

The Rupture Farmers Judwan DreadBall Team

Mee-Kel Judwan

Mee-Kel Judwan

Season 1 MVPs, Coach, Ref-Bot, Balls and Trophy

Season 1 MVPs, Coach, Ref-Bot, Balls and Trophy

Sideline Staff

Sideline Staff

Two old Blood Bowl Dwarfs added to the Bruins

Two old Blood Bowl Dwarfs added to the Bruins

OCP Patriots Guard and Keeper (Libby)

OCP Patriots Guard and Keeper (Libby)

DreadBall miniatures completed: 69

The Judge Dredd project has had little or no progress on it, although there is a Dredd-verse figure getting closer to the top of the painting queue.  The postman has visibly toned up due to the waves of Dredd lead that have been arriving from last years Kickstarter which puts a bit of pressure on, but its not a biggie.  Of all of my miniature projects in various states, the Dredd one will always come back around eventually, Im certain of it.

Judge Dredd Miniatures completed: 0

The Rogue Trooper project has not made any progress either, but much of that is at least in part because the miniatures due from the Kickstarter are not due to arrive for some time yet.

Rogue Trooper Miniatures completed: 0

40K Skirmish has made some progress since May or so,.  All painting that took place in the first four or five months of 2013 was DreadBall related: I literally didnt paint anything else in case it broke my routine.  Eventually though I did start painting some oddball 40K stuff and while I thoroughly enjoyed it, guess what?  It did break my DreadBall painting regime.  But hobby stuff isnt a job and I have made a serious dent in the DreadBall stuff already, so what the hey.

I got the following bunch of 40K oddballs finished:


Navigator Heinlein and Gyrinx

Navigator Totenkranz

Navigator Totenkranz


Commissar Headroom and Commissar Trude



Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Verhoeven

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Verhoeven

Tau Fire Warrior

Tentacle Brains



Encompassed in the 40k Skirmish category is the continued expansion of my Ursa Miner space dwarfs.

Dark Lord Prowse and Governor Cushing

Grymn Walker

Torsten and Squat Adeptus Mechanicus


40K Skirmish miniatures completed: 26

The Wasteland/Post Apoc Terrain project has remained static so far this year but I am considering ploughing into into for two or three solid days over some work leave that I have coming up.  As part of keeping this blog I have noticed that I tend to have one or two big terrain making/painting sessions a year, usually when I need a break from the small brushes.  The  CD bases that I primarily made for Swatters may have used one of the 2013 terrain timetable slots this year however.

CD Bases

I would very much like to finish some of the interesting post-apocalyptic bits and pieces that I have left before I engage in any other terrain set,

Wasteland/Post Apoc Terrain pieces  completed: 0 (or 30 if you count the CDs, which did take a few evenings to get done after all I suppose)

Sci-fi Urban Terrain.  The Deadzone Kickstarter took place earlier this year and it incorporates a lot of generic sci-fi terrain pieces.  With that stuff due to arrive just before Xmas and a second shipment by Q2 2014 I feel that its best not to get half-started on the urban terrain until I have the while lot in front of me and can make some plans.  So I see this being pushed out until 2014 now, as I half expected last January anyway.

Sci-fi Urban Terrain pieces completed: 0

So the 2013 output so far is 95 miniatures plus 30 bases which is a total of 95 or 125 depending on how you look at it.

Healthy turnover I think and 2013 is far from over yet 🙂


EDIT: this links to the post on the total 2013 output.


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