Number 88 – Dreadball MVP


A model representation of an entity of uncertain species and gender for use in Dreadball.  This enigmatic player is named “Number 88”.

The model looks a little bit like a Power Ranger (Lightspeed Rescue with a visor like that), a franchise often associated with pink, but I painted the model pink because I like painting pink.


Painting the figure had me humming this song for days (33 seconds in explains why).

It turns out that Number 88 is one of the more effective MVPs in Dreadball, with a kung-fu master like, judoesque ability in game.  88 fights all opponents at their own level, plus one.  The figure was painted quite fast and looks kinda cool anyway I think.  There is something amusing about a skinny little s/he dressed in a pink onesie that can beat up the toughest things that the game can throw at it.

88 is titchy even by Dreadball standards.

88 is titchy even by Dreadball standards.


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  1. […] games but we also threw in an MVP each to see what would happen.  The inclusion of Mee-Kel Judwan, Number 88, Ludwig and The Enforcer alongside starting teams meant that they dominated a bit too much.  It […]


  2. […] A few people took the red trim route as worn by the bad guys in TRON and I considered going for that instead, but decided not to.  I have been enjoying the extreme highlighting that I have been doing on the bases of my Dreadball miniatures and I wanted to see if I could make the same colours and techniques work on a miniature too.  I did add the pink hairdo to add a smidgen of originality, even though that in itself was done largely because I enjoyed painting Number 88 pink. […]


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