B.P. Oilers – Dreadball Marauder Team


My second finished Dreadball team is the B.P. Oilers, a team consisting of “orx” and goblins (collectively known as “marauders”).


Painting the OCP Patriots was a bit of a chore technically, as I made a few planning errors that haunted me for the rest of the process.  I was determined that the Oilers would cause me less ballache, so I picked gold as a base colour as its easy to paint.  In conjunction with the flesh tones the team colours have a little resonance with the BP logo, but its not exact by any means.

L to R: Jack, Guard

L to R: Jack, Guard

The black uniform elements were added late in the painting process and they moved the palette further away from the BP scheme.  The black plates were necessary though, as they make the green guys look more like alien future sportsthings than gold clad fantasy warriors of some description.


The team name is a little wry, but mainly I actually find it a bit depressing.  I prefer when my gaming refers to imaginary evil megacorporations, rather than real ones.  Oh well, too late to worry about that now.

L to R: Jack, Guard (rear)

L to R: Jack, Guard (rear)

Having played a few games with the OCP Patriots, I decided that the markings on their bases were not pronounced enough to show where the models exert their threat zones in-game.  I took the base markings a bit further on the Oilers, getting a vaguely TRON sort of look on the front edges.

I havent played a game with these guys since, but I hope that the more dramatic treatment will make the base markings more easily seen during a game.  As I plan to end up with all of my Dreadball bases uniform, I went back to the Patriots, the other MVPs and to the ref-bot afterwards and did the same thing to their bases.

L to R: Jack, Jack

L to R: Jack, Jack

Finishing the Oilers means that I have painted everything supplied in the basic Dreadball box, as seen below.  Thats something that I never managed with my various Blood Bowl sets, so thats satisfying in itself.



4 Responses

  1. Those are great, Paul! Especially like the skin! Fun models too. That last pic with all the painted models arrayed on the pitch has me salivating! I’m actually painting some Blood Bowl now. For some reason, last weekend I decided to give my (regular 3rd edition) Chaos team some paint – as they are the ones I’m most likely to play with painted considering the ease with which they can be finished. Did that make sense? I’d just as soon play with my Chaos Cup humans but painting them will take more time and effort. The chaos team is one of my least favourite teams so I can give them a rather rough treatment.


    • Thanks Mattias. I planned to highlight the skin tones a little further but decided that they looked fine as is. While there is a technical painting level that I regard as a base line below which I am not happy with, my emphasis is on cutting corners and getting things done. My intake of figures is too high and my desire to get various projects finished has pushed me towards more achievable goals then I once had.

      I have numerous Blood Bowl teams in various states of disrepair, some like that since the eighties. Ditto with any number of other projects that have achieved sacred cow/afraid to tackle status. In response to that I want to get the Dreadball stuff finished as I get it. If that rather ambitious plan works out then I will have twelve teams painted by December, plus a number of MVPs/Star Players. Wish me luck…

      Painting the Chaos team quickly may teach you new approaches and techniques that you can apply to your favoured teams to make painting them more achievable. Good luck with them.


  2. Great job on these, Paul! The gold/green combination is an imaginative one and works just lovely. As for the team name, it’s groany fun 😀

    I also really like the base edging, makes me want to try extreme highlighting on some minis – just need to figure out which.


    • Thanks Mikko.

      One of the MVP (Star Player) models is a riff on a not-Quorra from TRON. I was going to try something different with the model that going for the TRON thing, but after doing the bases like that I am tempted to paint Wildcard in a near identical fashion to the bases on these figures. The extreme highlight look seems to suit the Dreadball range in particular. It would probably work well on various Infinity models too.


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