Seasonal Output

One of the reasons for this blogs existence is to monitor potential patterns in my hobby output.

Something that has come to light over the last couple of years is that the August/September period tends to disrupt my toy soldier focus, for numerous disparate reasons.

2012 is following that pattern.

With that in mind updates around here might be a bit more sporadic for a little while.  On the other hand I may be inspired this evening and start churning painted figures out, who knows?   The main thing is that I cant guarantee a worthwhile weekly update at the moment, although I am hopeful to be back on track within a couple of weeks.

In the meanwhile check out the prepainted  figure that I am considering using as a Dreadball team coach…

(Veer-myn included for scale)


2 Responses

  1. Speaking of output; I just finished Puggy bar the base. Will wait until I have a few more guys on the team ready and then I’ll post a few pics for your perusal!

    Any particular reason you’re using an ancient looking computer for a coach? =)


    • I am looking forward to seeing the completed Puggy (and the rest of the Doom Forgers too).

      As for a computer coach, DreadBall features a robot team, so a robot coach makes sense to me. Plus I like the idea that the team coach doesnt need to be the same nationality/species/manufacturer as the team that they are coaching.

      The idea of a bunch of jocks (be they grey aliens, orks, humans or whatever) being taught specific plays by a large reel to reel computer amuses the Futurama fan in me 🙂


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