10mm Saruman the White

Saruman the White

Saruman today.  Another Copplestone figure, this guy was a pleasure to paint.  Lovely sharp detail and nice deep recesses, the figure lent itself to my painting style rather well I think.

The robes go from black through to a very light cream (GC Off White).  The high contrast may not be terribly realistic, but it does make the detail on the figure stand out easily from a few feet away.

“There will be no dawn… for men.”

I made an effort to paint eyebrows on this figure, which was a bit risky.  Mainly I did it because the look of the character when played by Christopher Lee in the movies relies heavily on the big black bushy eyebrows and black ‘tasche.  So I thought that I would give it a go in 10mm for fun.

I think that this is the figure that I found most enjoyable to paint in this project so far 🙂


6 Responses

  1. Looks good on that scenic base. He must be using his magic powers to keep his robe mud free, an obvious perversion of magic as Gandalf always looks like a filthy hippie.


    • Indeed Gandalf does look manky, apparently at the request of Sir Ian McKellen. He wanted Gandalf to be covered in mud after riding his horse and other “realistic” things. I cant remember if Gandalf stays Persil white after he ditches the grey though. I think he stays clean after that (his hair certainly looks less itchy anyway). They take those name addendae very seriously in Middle earth they do.

      As for the miniature, I am not a fan of large basing in 28mm. I think that it often makes for a confusing look to an even more fragile model. In 10mm it seems more appropriate somehow.

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂


  2. lol I knew there was something else, he reminds me of a lollypop man now that I think of it. He would look great helping goblins crossing the road to school, stopping wolf chariots with a wave of his staff…

    The staff looks a bit like the largest spork in middle earth also now that I look again. The film staff looked way different to that spork.

    Anyways enough rambling about the figure design, the paint job is spiffing and I look forward to grinding him under the wheels of my steam tank 😉


    • There were a few wrench related comments regarding Sarumans implement on a forum that I posted the photo on. Spork is just as apt 🙂

      The movie staff echoes the shape of Orthanc (which is another nane for the tower of Isildur *I think*). I imagine that Mr Copplestone was trying to avoid a direct copy. Or else he lost interest.

      Its a cool figure despite the questionable staff I reckon.


  3. Spork indeed! =) Great job on it though, I really like it.


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