10mm Evil Army Shot #1

After a phase of chaotic mancave reorganising I got the place ready for gaming in again over the weekend.  After a couple of games of Malifaux today I cleared up enough space to take a group shot of my 10mm orc, goblin and general evildoers army.

I have plenty more additions to the force in the pipeline, but here is everything completed to date.  Not too bad at all ocnsidering everything in it has been assembled and painted this month so far.


4 Responses

  1. Cool, they look pretty neat. The Nazgul leaders are great as it makes it easy to distinguish the characters. When you have greenskins you tend to have a lot of characters no matter the system.


    • Thanks. Im not a particularly big LotR fan but at this scale the nazgul really work on a visual level I think. I wouldnt mind one or two more mounted ringwraiths plus a couple on foot, but they dont feature as part of the Copplestone range that these guys came from. I might have a look around for suitable mounted wights or something in the 10mm undead ranges perhaps.

      I have a number of goblinoid characters yet to come too though.


  2. Very impressive lot there my friend! The full army shot really shows how discernable the orcs and gobbos are, something I thought was a bit unclear on the close ups. I found them to be very similar, but seeing them as units it’s obvious which is which.

    Very well done!


    • Thanks Mattias 🙂

      I am pleased that you can tell the orcs from the goblins as obviously thats important during play and I cant see the wood for the trees with these guys yet.

      I tend to be a bit anal about having coherent colour schemes running through my toy soldier forces. As a result I dont do rag-tag terribly well. I tend to distinguish units via the miniatures used rather than via additional colours. This is risky at 10mm, where the figures blend into each other a bit and can be a bit indistinct from three feet away.

      I will likely vary the layout of the colours on future units. The Copplestone half-orcs (Uruk Hai essentially) have similar armament to the BoFA goblins, so if I get around to picking up a pack of those then they might get black shields and red spear hafts or something. I also need to distinguish wolf mounted “sniffs” (some sort of lesser orc, possibly hobgoblins) from the mounted goblins, so I think I will be heading into yellow and/or brown flesh tones on some units soon, just to be sure that the army is easy to decipher on the table.

      Thanks for the feedback.


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