2012 so far…

Early August is a little late for this, but whatever.

On February 1st last I put up a post about my hobby plans for 2012.  I listed a number of projects that I thought would likely be tackled this year.  As part of the mission statement for this blog is to get a clearer picture of my hobby output and stick-to-it-ness levels, today I am going to review my progress so far.

Firstly I will list the items that I thought most likely to be worked on when I wrote the post in early February.  Secondly I will list other projects that have come to the fore unexpectedly and that have in turn reduced output on some projects that seemed like safe bets at the start of the year.  Try to stay awake.  Just look at the picture perhaps.


The predicted projects last February were:

Adeptus Mechanicus: I have only got a pair of figures for this project finished, although I did get some other preparatory work done on it.

I am not too worried about slow progress on this one.  I have enough long term interest in it to reckon that it will bubble to the top sooner rather than later.  I also quite like the monochrome look that these figures have, although I dont know if it translates very well to the photos.

Gears of War: No progress.

Dreadfleet: No progress.

Judge Dredd:  No progress.  This is a little unexpected really and a little disappointing as a result.  The time that seemed likely to be spent on this project has been eaten up by a couple of unexpected out-of-the-blue projects, as shown below.

Inquisitor Warbands: Slow progress here, although as this project dovetails with the Adeptus Mechanicus above and the Veer-myn and Space Dwarfs below it isnt really static.  But as far as actual Inquisitorial retinues go, its really just these two figures shown.

Standard Falls post-apocalyptic terrain: No further progress on the shanties worth talking about.  I will get a bout of enthusiasm for it at some unknown point in the future and plough through the remaining bits that I have.

Zuzzy Mats: Completed.

Although the urban mat is still waiting for the appropriate terrain before it gets used properly, the wasteland terrain has been used for about thirty or so games of Malifaux since it got finished, which is satisfying.

Of note is that the Wasteland mat is currently showing zero signs of wear, which makes me about as happy as I can get from my toy soldier stuff frankly.  The mat adds immeasurably to the visual aesthetic of the games that I have played on it and it looks durable enough to last for quite some time yet.  Hooray.

Unusually the mat hasnt been used to play a dice game yet due to Malifaux using card decks as its random number generator.  Tomorrow is scheduled to be the first time that dice will be rolled on the mat (via Kings of War, which involves large quantities of dice) and sad as it sounds, I am actually looking forward specifically to that bit.

Yeah its pretty dorky, but if you dont like dorky stuff then what the flip are you reading this for? 🙂

Graveyard Terrain: 90% complete.  Other than an afternoon spent working on making some more strips of gravestones, this project is complete.  Like the wasteland Zuzzy mat above, this terrain has been involved in a decent number of games already, which increases satisfaction levels.  Another success story, go me.

Colonial Marines: All the stuff is bought and has been sitting in a box ready to go for about two years now I think, but as yet nothing to show.

This project has become a running joke of sorts in my mancave.  It is a monkey on my back that I will have to spank soon.  But right now I dont know when.  Bah.

Riddick: Completed.  The entire single figure project has been bought, cleaned, assembled, undercoated, painted, varnished, based, photographed, blogged and put in the display cabinet.

Titans: No progress.  No prediction of possible delivery date.

Zombies: The closest things to zombies that I have finished this year are the Dark Judges. I get a warm fuzzy from looking at my own painted versions of icons from my childhood 🙂


Unexpected projects that got done this year are as follows:

Malifaux:  Getting regular local games of Malifaux played since February has been a big motivator and time sink.  Although I havent got many Malifaux figures painted I am pretty pleased with the figures that I have finished so far.  Malifaux games are the reason that the Zuzzy mats and Graveyard terrain shown above got completed too.

I have plenty more figures for this in the pipeline too.

Veer-myn: After I returned from my 2012 trip to Salute I felt compelled to paint something other than Malifaux for a while.  Firstly I painted the Veermyn that came with the Project Pandora game.

Space Dwarfs: After the enjoyable process of painting the Veer-myn, for reasons that I am still unsure of I decided to paint space dwarfs.  They came out well I think though: they have a Rogue Trader vibe.

10mm Fantasy: The most recent project that I have been working on is 10mm fantasy.  As a pair of the old guard dug out their Warmaster armies and have been playing Kings of War with them, so I decided to get in on that too.


So thats the output for the first seven months of 2012.  Totals are ~70 miniatures and ~55 terrain elements (which vary from a 28mm book to 6×4′ terrain mats).

Not bad I reckon 🙂  I slumped and got nothing done from September to Xmas last year though, so it will be interesting to see if this higgledy piggledy approach, regularly chopping and changing from one project to another rather than forcing myself to work on specific things when my enthusiasm wanes will make a slump more or less likely to happen.  We shall see.



6 Responses

  1. That’s actually a pretty impressive tally! A shame really that I haven’t been doing something similar.

    The Zuzzy mats still look awesome, and I’m looking to order a few any day now – mainly due to the images and recommendations on your blog, so thanks for that.

    “Yeah its pretty dorky, but if you dont like dorky stuff then what the fuck are you reading this for?”

    This bit actually made me me laugh out loud at my computer 😀


    • I am pleased with progress this year. It may be as productive as I have ever been to be honest, with a model or terrain element finished every day and a half or so. That may be a personal record 🙂

      The Wasteland Zuzzy mat got an outing this weekend while I played 10mm Kings of War (photos to follow). I cant recommend those things highly enough. Which mats are you planning to order Mikko? Make sure to document how you go about painting them please.


      • I just put in an order for a 3ft by 3ft scourged forest mat, it was the most generic looking I could find. Looking to use that in a lot of different roles. I’m just hoping it doesn’t get snagged by customs – having the mat’s price almost double with postage is bad enough!


        • The pair of taped together 4′ long boxes that my mats were supplied in came through customs without a hitch last year, but the pair of t-shirts that I bought for about €30 at the same time had duty to be paid on them. In this part of the world at least, its pretty random what gets stopped.

          That the postage costs nearly as much as the mat is offputting, but the overall price is still good for the product I think. I use many figures on the mats that are themselves a lot less value for money.

          I will be keeping an eye out for Zuzzy progress.


  2. Good show Paul, that’s a lot of stuff you managed to get painted and done! Looked sort of bleak when you were listing “no progress” in the beginning but it really picked up when you got to the unscheduled stuff. =) Go go go! What’s next? Manowar? Subbuteo? A 1:100 scale model of the Westminster Abbey?


    • Thanks Mattias, it is good turnover so far isnt it? 🙂

      The planned projects have taken a bit of a hit alright, but the unplanned stuff has been broad in scope and quite rewarding, which makes up for it.

      I have a few projects that I might get started on soon, but I *should* paint up some more Malifaux and 10mm stuff. Im not really feeling the enthusiasm for either of those projects right now though. I feel that I have scratched the itch on each of them sufficiently for the time being.

      Seeing as I want to keep enthusiasm high in an effort to avoid my more or less annual painting slump, I think that I will go with some other fleeting fad next. During a gaming weekend at my place over the last couple of days another sub-project presented itself. I own nearly all of the miniatures for it already and it should be a quick colour scheme to implement, so I am going to try a test model or two before I commit fully.

      As for Subbuteo, the closest that I ever came to that was researching how much floodlights for my Blood Bowl pitch would cost 🙂


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