Lots more 10mm Fantasy

Mounted Nazgul

Nazgul mounted on Fell Beast

My first unit of Orcs…

…and how those orcs look alongside last weeks goblins.

Orc heroes alongside last weeks goblin shaman.

My first unit of wolf rider goblin cavalry.

My stone thrower (along with Sweetums-like propulsion system…

… and a shot from the side to show the brains of the artillery unit.

I am enjoying this project a lot.  The turnover rate is rapid, allowing me to get to paint units with a little bit of care while still amassing a force reasonably quickly: very satisfying.

Comments and criticisms all happily received.  If anyone has any questions about the stuff shown then let me know.


6 Responses

  1. The Nazgul are pretty cute at that scale. I am a big fan of the Hell Horse look: http://ifoughtthelaw.cementhorizon.com/hellhorse.jpg

    I can’t help but feel that, in painting the fell beast in drab colours, you have missed another Rod Hull & Emu opportunity.

    Are those Orkses from the BofTFA set? Probably Copplestone’s right? They are nice in anyways. The Ork heroes strike me as looking like some kind of Chinese bandit leaders, which is a good thing in my book.

    Good stuff, keep up the momentum 😉


    • Not everything in life can be Rod Hull & Emu fortunately/unfortunately [delete as applicable] 😉

      I went with the very dark brown look from the LotR movies on the horse. I dont think that those guys horses had red eyes, but I decided to paint them red here anyway, to give some colour if nothing else.

      Keeping the Nazgul distinct from their dark mounts means using more than greys, so a dark brown on the horse and something slightly more exotic on the fellbeast. I ended up using a blue/beige on that which turned out a little less smooth that I would have liked, but its ok.

      That colour provides a little more visual interest than a scaly gunmetal or white-to-black grey: a little more cartoony than sombre. I think that this scale demands that a bit though. The smaller the figures get, the more contrast is required to make anything visible or interesting on the table.

      Cute Nazgul is something of an oxymoron, but thats exactly what Mr Copplestone achieved. Fun figures 🙂

      The orcs are Copplestone too (no orcs in BoFA). I went with the bright red, laquered armour look on the heroes with an eastern feel in mind. Again, a cloned version of the Uruk Hai/Lurtz look from the movie just wouldnt be visible on the tabletop.

      Possibly black orcs next, and maybe Saruman. I want to make some objective markers for the Pillage scenario rule too.


  2. When do we get a group shot? I love seeing army shots! =) Especially with crammed stands like your gobbos.

    The nazgul on fell beast is my favourite of the lot.


  3. Fiddly stuff… They are easily mistaken for 28mm and it’s not until you see the minis compared to something of a known size (like in one of your previous posts), that you realize the amount of work put into this! *Thumbs up* 🙂


    • 10mm is a bit fiddly I suppose, but I quite enjoy painting at this scale. I think that its because the very first miniatures that I painted “properly” were 6mm. I learned a lot painting at that scale and the 10mm stuff reminds me a lot of it.

      I find it quite satisfying really, I get more satisfaction return on time investment with 10mm than I do for 28mm I reckon. Not that I have dumped 28mm of course 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback apeekaboo, Im glad that you like this project.


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