10mm Fantasy Project

Image borrowed from somethingawful.com

I am more of a sci-fi nerd than a fantasy nerd.  Observing this distinction renders me a quantum nerd.

Although I have read a number of fantasy books and played numerous fantasy games over the years, I would always rather that a setting included a robot than it included a horse.  A robot horse would be ideal.

Robot House HORSE!”

My enthusiasm for Warhammer 40,000 and Star Wars confuses the issue further, as both settings are very much science fantasy or space opera rather than hard sci-fi.

With that predilection in mind, and with Monte Figuero ever expanding, I traded away 99% of my unpainted 28mm fantasy figures earlier this year.  One of the few fantasy projects that I held on to was my 10mm stuff.  Even more surprising is that I have actually done some work on them.

SOS (AKA The Otto Von Bismark) and MT have had Warmaster armies painted up for a decade or so.  MT was kind enough to donate the core of an Orc and Goblin army that he knew that he would never get around to painting a couple of years ago.  I subsequently added some more bits and pieces from various 10mm sources to the Warmaster models that he gave me, so I have loads to keep me going for now.

I hope to get some Warmaster played with these figures.  I would also like to try Hordes of the Things and the upcoming Song of Armies and Hordes from Ganesha Games too.  Mantics Kings of War looks like a system very well suited to that scale and base configuration (despite the fact that it was developed for a company to help them to sell 28mm figs) so I plan to try that out also.

Some photos of my 10mm Orcs and Goblins should be posted up here later this week.


2 Responses

  1. Heh, I am in a similar boat, as I need to make room in the gaming basement, and thinking I haven’t played 28mm fantasy in years, but 15mm would store so easily…


    • I hear you Scorpio. The way that I see it three things compete in my hobby: space, money and time.

      While making space will always be an issue and ever making enough money seems unlikely, the one thing that I am certain that I dont have enough of is time.

      The fact that 10mm is so much faster to paint than 28mm is the main reason that I am hanging on to any fantasy stuff at all: a decently sized fantasy project in that scale might actually get finished (plus the fact that some of my gaming buddies are interested in that scale and setting at the moment, which is always a factor).

      If I had my time over then I would consider in collecting in 15mm exclusively for both sci-fi and fantasy, but I am too invested in 28mm at this stage to change. Could be worse 🙂


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