Malifaux: Guild Austringer

“My arm is tired”


A man walks into a bar with a gigantic, unusually coloured raptor on his arm.  

The barman says “Where the hell did you get that?”.  

“I won him in a raffle” replies the bird.


Austringers are effective in Malifaux games.  The bird does all of the heavy lifting, attacking foes, distributing orders to friends, capturing small mammals in its talons, regurgitating food into the mouths of its young, making loud “Raaaawk!” sounds, that sort of thing.  The guy in the coat just stands around looking grumpy.

Just like the Executioner shown a few weeks ago, this guy was painted in the run up to the Malifaux competition that I played in a while back.  I decided to attend the competition late and so some decisions regarding colours used for this figure were based on how quickly they could be applied, rather than necessarily on colour theory or inspiring movies recently watched or whatever.

The “Bayou Raptor” was initially painted the same way that I would paint a crow or raven (just like the guys that feature on parts of my graveyard terrain).  That approach was fine if a little drab, but perfectly good enough for use in games, which I did.

A few days later I decided that I wanted to make the bird look a little less dull.  What I came up with is shown above.  The bird is a little goofier looking than I had intended, partly due to the rather Muppet like sculpt and partly because the pattern of plumage that I tried to paint looks rather  fake I think, despite doing a bit of research into real bird of prey patterning.  Ho hum.

My lack of enthusiasm for the plumage plus the somewhat one-sided nature of the handlers relationship with the raptor has me considering using a more… esoteric scheme on my second Austringer miniature.  Maybe.  Im not sure that adding that level of goofiness to my Guild crew is desirable but it might be a laugh.


5 Responses

  1. This post made me lol! Paint them like Emu! Seriousness be damned with toy soldiers!


    • Going for the Emu paintjob is tempting… but I dont think that I will go for it this time. Probably. It is tempting like I said.

      If I had thought of it beforehand then I would have gone with the brightly coloured raptors, but now that I have one painted already I dont think that I will do it: I dont want to have to repaint anything.

      Sorry Otto, Emu will have to wait 🙂


  2. I am seriously thinking to make a Tau Ethereal with his arm around a Kroot now….naturally he would need a blonde wig.


    • Funnily enough the Rod Hull hair is another reason that I dont want to go further with the Emu look. The figure above would have been ideal to sculpt a Ronald McDonald-esque hairdo onto, but the second austringer has a hat. The Rod Hull look nearly happened, but it wont now. Captain Hindsight to the rescue.

      As for Tau, have you seen how 6th Ed has worked allies into the fluff? These days after a long day purging Xeno filth Space Marines let a small, purring Tau curl up in their laps. Another modelling opportunity…


  3. Havent seen anything roolz wise from 6th ed yet. I guess the rules will be a mix of the good and the “haven’t we seen this not work before”. Having looked at MT’s hardback edition I definately want it for the fluff and pictures of miniatures. The 5th ed rulebook was distinctly meh for that stuff. The fluff should inspire a few decent scenario ideas etc.


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