Astro Pat

Pat the Astropath

Patrick O’Blivion here is an Astropath.  Astropaths use psychic abilities to transmit and receive information across the galaxy in the Warhammer 40,000 setting.

Astropaths can be easily recognised in the Imperium of Man by two things:

  1. their burned out eyes as a result of the “Soul Binding” process that makes them astropathic
  2. their green robes

Astropath Illustration from Rogue Trader

So they sort of look like a blind sci-fi version of Saint Patrick.  Which is why (astro) Pat here is on show today.

Enjoy international booze day.


9 Responses

  1. I really like the deep shading of the robes and high contrast highlights on the skin. Very nice! Had no idea it’s St Patrick’s Day today… not celebrated in Sweden, except on “irish-ish” pubs etc.

    If I had a Talisman leprechaun I’d paint it up and save it for next year.


    • Thanks for the painting feedback Mattias. I went for unhealthy skin tones that worked out nicely I think. I also went for a big obvious contrast between the red tubes and the green robes that made the scheme pop.

      The only thing that St Patricks Day really means to me is that I get a day off work. The parades are for kids and a lot of people here tend to fulfill the cultural stereotype and spend the day in the pub. I tend to stay at home drinking wine.

      The day means more to Irish diaspora (of which there are very many for historical, sociological reasons) than to those of us still here I think. I think that the New York parade is the biggest in the world.

      As for a figure for next year, I have one lined up already believe it or not…


  2. It was pretty big here in Melbourne.


    • Its nice to see you back in circulation Andrew.

      Lots of Irish in Melbourne I am told, in addition to many of Irish descent. Many of my buddies have worked or holidayed in various parts of Australia, but I havent managed to schedule a trip yet. Its on my list 🙂


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