“Standard Falls” Shanty Town: Pt3

The prototype Town Sign. Still adequate for use, but I prefer the smaller one shown previously.

After assembly, painting and varnishing some tarting up of the pieces was the final thing left to do for this stage of the Standard Falls project.  Lots of photos after the jump…

I dont have the facilities to photograph anything much bigger than a 28mm figure terribly well, so my terrain snaps are a bit ropier than my usual “alright” photo standard.  C’est la vie.

Firstly I stippled burnt sienna (which is the base colour of the surface that I game on) onto the more expansive flat areas of the bases, such as fenced in area and between barrels/crates and the buildings.

Next I drybrushed the base edges and everywhere that the terrain touched the “ground” with the same colour.

Once that was dry I added some small patches of brown and orange lichen to the bases.  I was trying to quickly evoke a little bit of western theme here, reminscent of dustbowl tumbleweeds.

It was at this point that I finally worked out how to mount the freestanding doors on the buildings.  I had read that paper hinges were feasible for this sort of thing.  I tried it and didnt like the effect.  The project was coming close to the end now and I knew that if I didnt find a quick and functional way to make the doors easily remain open and closed that I would end up leaving them out altogether.

A plan view of the yard attached to the shack above.

So I had a rummage in my stuff.  I ended up sticking cheap plastic-y flat magnets on the inside floor of the buildings at the doorway.  Then I bent flat picture hooks until they sat at right angles and glued them to the back of the doors with room for the magnets underneath.  This allows me to add or remove doors as I wish.

You should be just about able to work out what I am taking about by looking at this picture:

I have yet to paint the inside of the doors and the hooks, but I will give it them quick coat of black, just so that they look a little neater.

Next on the to-do list was adding a whole load of posters and signs to the walls of the buildings.  Some of these were posters from the Foundry Rules With No Name downloads page.  The majority however came from images that theangrylurker had collected for just this purpose here, here and here (thanks Fran!).

Although the posters all have meaning (rather than just being abstract shapes) I wasnt terribly fussy about whether they made sense or not.  I tried to make sure that not too many duplicates would be visible if I lined up the buildings as a street but beyond that I stuck them wherever I thought looked good.

I also stuck some small printouts of a newspaper with the headline “THE DEAD WALK” onto the ground in a few areas.  It helped to break up some of the flatter base areas without presenting an obstacle to miniature placement, plus a bit of litter brings a model to life a bit I find.

Next up are some of the smaller scenic elements that I prepared at the same time.

Renedra Gravestones

I made the graveyard in strips for convenience for storage, set-up and during play.  I could have spent a bit more time varying the tones and colours in the stones but by now I just wanted to be finished quickly, so I left them all one colour.

GW Ork Barricades

Above are the six GW Ork barricades.  I really like how these came out, but I should have photographed them differently.  All six are in that shot believe it or not, but its hard to tell.  I am chuffed with how they look anyway 🙂

Pardulon Junk Piles

The Pardulon junk piles are nice and were very quick to prep.  As one of the games that I plan to play with this terrain is Gorkamorka the junk piles will be thematic terrain whether I play using the shanty or not.

The three larger scratch built buildings were difficult to photograph, so sorry about the shadows and the like.

Lastly the building with the unfeasibly large corrugated roof shown below is the saloon.

Like all of the scratch built buildings in this project, I originally put them together back in ’96.  Of the six of them the saloon was ever finished properly.

Saloon interior, complete with back room, barman and dancing girl.

I did the interior pieces sixteen years ago, but they are more than adequate for my needs all the same.  In fact, if I painted them now I would probably spend less time on them.

Although I have plans to make a few magnetically attached signs that could identify the buildings (Undertaker, Saloon, Marshall, that sort of thing) as and when required for scenarios, I had run out of steam at this point.

It wasnt fun any more, so I decided to leave Standard Falls as is for a while.  I imagine that I will get back to to those bits when I get around to making a clock tower and finishing the saloon.

Thanks for looking!


6 Responses

  1. Bloody good work my talented Irish friend, makes me sick how good this is but that’s just me.


    • Thanks TAL. It amuses me to think that you contributed to your own feelings of sickness by providing your convenient sets of PA posters which I stuck all over the terrain 😉

      Thanks for the feedback!


  2. Really nice work there!
    Each piece looks coherently put together, but the whole table looks a mess (in a good post-apocalyptic way!)


    • Thanks for the feedback Donogh.

      None of the terrain is painted to a very high standard: the priority was to get to an acceptable stage of completion, rather than individual brilliance that would take me a year to finish (or in actuality, to never finish).

      The final shots look a little too thrown together for my tastes but I wanted to take a look at what the pieces looked like in situ, so I piled a load of stuff onto the table.

      I hope that the terrain placement during games will be more aesthetically chaotic, if you know what I mean.


  3. Very nice. I like the way the castle walls work with the shanty town, they create a sweet contrast. Most importantly, you really get the feeling of a huge wall protecting a post-apoc settlement. Makes me want to game right away!


    • The contrast between to colour of the walls and the shanty does work on some levels, although I dont know if I will ever be happy with that choice of colour for the walls themselves. The table looks more like something from a Hanna Barbera cartoon than something from The Road, thats for sure (which isnt necessarily a bad thing. I am undecided).

      I 100% agree re the size and weight of the walls in comparison with the buildings though. It makes it very apparent that there are a whole lot of big unpleasant things out there that want to get in.

      As for gaming, Standard Falls gets its cherry popped tomorrow morning. I hope to have some batrep type stuff up over the next while.

      Thanks for the feedback Mikko!


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