Da Bigdogz – Gorkamorka Mob #5: Nob, Kannon, Choppa & Big Shoota

Dual Wielding Nob and Boy with Kannon

The gunslinging Nob above has a magnetised neck and head.  Mainly this is so that I can swap my preferred leaders head onto this body if he develops in a gun kata direction after a few games.

I have done a little conversion work on a specific ork nob head (details to follow at a later date) and I want to have as many weapon options as possible available for my leader, plus it was a fun exercise too.

The Kannon is a resin weapon from Ramshackle Games.

Boy with Choppas and A Big Shoota Boy

As the heavy weapons in Gorkamorka are not man (or ork) portable the big shoota boy will be used to represent a gunner on a vehicle or emplacement or similar.  The ork big shoota models are too much fun to leave out of my ork painting project anyway.


5 Responses

  1. Nice!
    I’m chuffed beyond belief that someone is using one of the kannons I built.


    • The other three of your kannon are all attached to orks sitting on the painting table. If I can keep my enthusiasm up then I should get them painted soon… although other non-ork related projects are drawing my eye at this stage…


  2. […] The fourth design is a double-barrelled shotgun as seen below, assembled and painted by sho3box. […]


  3. Hope you don’t mind that we used one of your images in this tUGS post. I can get the admin to take it down if it’s a problem.


    • Not at all. The other Kannons are in the painting queue too, waiting for my next bout of ork-thusiasm.

      Thanks for letting me know.


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