Scrap Objectives

More tiny gaming props today.

Shown above are two unexploded grenades and six “Scrap Counters”.

The unexploded “stikkbomz” might occasionally be used in games of Gorkamorka.

Scrap in the Gorkamorka setting is analogous to treasure in a dungeon RPG setting: its the main reasons for the protagonists to be there.

Scrap was originally represented by cardboard tokens in the Gorkamorka game.  While 3D representations of things like that can be nice to look at, they are often impractical in game play terms, proving to be awkward to move around with the model that is supposed to be carrying it and the like.  Often cardboard tokens are just more practical, if not as pretty.

Despite that I decided to make Scrap Counters anyway, based on 22mm tiddlywinks.  I made sure that each counter had a piece that served as a handle to pick it up and tried to make the profile of the scrap reasonably flat, so that they wouldnt be too awkward to use in game.

I actually really enjoyed making these, almost like a set of tiny dioramas.  Painting the ork skull and the Necron head were highlights.

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