Back To The (Grim, Dark) Future Pt4

Parts 1, 2 and 3.

For the second last game of 40k that we played that weekend we decided to try a “Kill Team” scenario.  For those that dont know, Kill Team is a way of playing games using a small, hand-picked force from an army list that doesnt conform to the usual restrictions and getting them to do something cinematic like rescue a hostage, blow up a reactor etc.  It is a potentially fun way to use some of the more oddball figures in your collection to do something worthy of a crappy yet entertaining movie.  One of the main reasons to play miniature games in my opinion.

Kill Team games are also by definition quick affairs with only a handful of figures on one side and not really a vast amount on the other side either, sentry types mostly.

GAME 4: Sin Eaters Kill Team Vs Kouranaya Craftworld Eldar

The Sin Eater Kill Team consisted of three Chaos Space marines (here and here), of which one had a Plasma Gun (right), two Possessed Marines from Squad Nemesis and Sgt Damien, a vintage Nurgle Chaos Renegade that I am very fond of (he oozes character), representing a Veteran Sergeant/Aspiring Champion type.

The Kouranaya Eldar set up around the table in an unalerted state, talking about the good old days ten thousand years ago when they didnt have to live like monks for fear of their souls being devoured by an evil god (represented by the yellow markers.  The unlaerted state that is, not the evil god).  The floating pyramid in the middle of the table is the webway portal which the Kill Team has been sent to destroy.

The Kill Team enter from the East…

…and quickly blow one unit of Guardians to pieces, forcefeed knuckle sandwiches to a second squad and send a third running back home to tell on them.  All in a days work for paranormal, post-human, pestilent pantheon proclaimers.

Although the Kill Team kept the noise down a reasonable amount, most of the Eldar cottoned on (the yellow markers have turned red) and they regrouped ready to provide a reasonably coherent defence of the portal.

The Kill Team is surrounded.  What we got here is a Mexican stand off… ‘cept there aint no Mexicans.

In a potent display of why the Kill Team is comprised of the best of the best (with honours), the Guardians are either killed or driven off, with some casualties to the Sin Eaters.

Sgt Damien allows himself a rare, rotten-gobbed smile as the corrupting influence of Chaos permeates the sacred ground of the Eldar, all according to plan.


Conclusions:  The game was fun, but would probably have been more so if another gaming system was used: it was hampered by the Warhammer system.

I was surprised at the time when GW published the Kill Team rules and even more so when they codified them fully and comprehensively in the 4th edition rulebook.  It showed that they were willing to acknowledge that there was more to figure gaming than just their usual tedious big battle fare.  Within the limitations of the 40k system they did a good job too.

I dont think that the Kill Team rules are included in the current rulebook which is both a sign of the times and a pity.

Part FIVE.


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  1. Read like a fun game, but I’ll take your word for the rules gripe. It’s been a very long time since I played 40K and none of the memories I have are sweet…

    What system would you prefer to have used?


    • Hi Mattias

      The game was fun and the gripe was just that: a bitter old gripe from a grumpy jaded gamer. I should have been more positive.

      “What system would you prefer to have used?”

      Thats the million dollar question isnt it? I try not to moan too much about the various game systems out there that I dont like, but I do find it hard to find one that appeals to me and to my gaming group.

      Recently we have played a modified version of AR:SE which we found gave us fun, cinematic and entertaining zombie games with the minimum of fuss.

      The amount of skill required and tactics available in that system is limited so it really is just a fun way to generate a story (and that is the main goal for me when miniature gaming) but it would be nice to have a game that the players felt happy to play to win with too.

      My AR:SE variant (christened “Sho.R.T. A.R:S.E. around here for a variety of arcane reasons) looks likely to be played two or three times a year when we get the urge to have a lot of zombies on the table and three or four players available, but it isnt my holy grail game just yet. It is the one that I enjoy playing the most currently though.

      I have played the Song of Blades games and while I really like a lot of what they have (and have incorporated some of those elements into Sho.R.T. A.R.:S.E.), certain elements of it dont appeal at all, so while we gave that system a serious go, it didnt work out in the long run either.

      Andrew (schichitenhakki) suggested Savage Worlds Showdown as a response to the last post about my recent 40K gaming. I have only had a chance to take a quick look at the rules so far but I hope to give that a try the next time that I get to do some figure gaming.


      • We’re obviously in the same boat here. I like SBH a lot, but there are some things I don’t like. Especially the activation system, it doesn’t play well with the goal of “generating a story” – which is my ultimate goal as well.

        I’ve had a look at Savage Worlds too – haven’t really read it or tried it out yet. Another one on my radar is Broadsword Adventures, which I’ve purchased and printed but not fully read yet either. Finally there’s Skulldred, from Dave King. It seems really good, but a bit unfinished at the moment – and I haven’t tried it out. =)

        I guess you’re not looking for fantasy rule sets though, but I’m sure Rat Trap do a sci-fi version of Broadsword Adventures. They have .45 Adventures which is a pulpy kind of version. Can’t check now as their site is blocked here at work.


        • Rattrap make Fantastic Worlds for their 45A system. I played a few games of it but they felt like a overly scripted Easter Egg hunts, if that makes any sense.

          I would love to be proven wrong about them though as I really enjoyed reading the books and supplements (which I have picked up since anyway) , so make sure that you post your experiences with BA and other sytems on your blog (it doesnt really matter if they are fantasy or sci-fi or whatever to me. The core system is what interests me the most).

          We may yet find the grail set. Surely it is out there somewhere (although like a lot of older gamers, I wonder if I will just have to write my own in the end).


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